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Who said that basic flip phones are dead? AT&T has just begun selling the Cingular Flip 2

ByinNew Phones | June 28, 2019

AT&T has just begun selling the Cingular Flip 2

Many of us, tech buffs, cannot imagine life without smartphones. We consider them portable entertainment centers, work companions and communication tools. However, no matter how popular smartphones are these days, there are still folks out there who value simplicity over fancy design and advanced technology. For instance, AT&T launched today a wallet-friendly Cingular Flip 2 basic phone featuring clamshell form factor.

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AT&T ZTE Axon M for is now for sale through the carrier’s stores

ByinAnnouncements | November 1, 2017

AT&T expanded its portfolio by ZTE Axon M

Remember the days when a foldable Motorola Razr V3 was one of the most sophisticated phones everyone was crazy about? If you too feel a bit nostalgic about the clamshell design, ZTE may have something for you. Equipped with two identical displays, the ZTE Axon M is certainly one of the most innovative smartphones announced in 2017. Those curious about the device’s dual-screen real-life functionality may now check how it works in practice as the phone is currently available through AT&T online store.

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LG new rugged Android smartphone features armor-like body shell and will be sold at AT&T priced only $11 per month

ByinNew Phones | May 22, 2017

AT&T has just added the LG X venture to its lineup
Looking for a reliable smartphone for your adventurous summer holiday? If so, then the LG X venture may be something that may perfectly meet your needs. Released today in partnership with AT&T, the LG phone offers an armor-like body shell, package of quite decent specs and the Android Nougat experience for  just $11 per month if you don’t have nothing against installment plans.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) for AT&T is now for sale in carrier stores for as low as $6 per month

ByinNew Phones | May 15, 2017

AT&T has just expanded its portfolio by Galaxy J3 (2017)

Although Samsung isn’t spending much time and money on promoting its budget sector phones, it doesn’t mean that the South-Korean mobile giant forgets about its more budget conscious customers. Just the opposite, this week AT&T started offering the newest gen of the Galaxy J3. Debuting without much fanfare the handset is now within your reach at an affordable price tag.

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LG G6 arrives to US carriers as soon as tomorrow, compare which service provider offers the best deal

ByinAnnouncements | March 16, 2017

LG G6 arriving to US carriers as soon as tomorrow
Announced a few weeks ago at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the LG G6 finally hits the US market. On March 30 the phone will become available nationwide through US biggest carriers. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T announced they will open pre-orders for the LG’s recent flagship as soon as tomorrow. Wondering which one to port to? Here’s a brief presentation of the hottest deals on the LG G6.

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LG V20 is now available to buy in the US through AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular

ByinNew Phones | October 29, 2016

LG V20 is available within a variety of deals
Patience of those waiting for the LG V20’s US market debut has finally been rewarded, as the phone has just started to make its way to the US customers. The LG V20 is now available nationwide through carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular and other big electronics retailers,  giving its potential buyers a wide range of purchase options. See which carrier offers best price on the new LG’s phablet.

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Kyocera DuraForce PRO smartphone will arrive to AT&T stores later this fall

ByinAnnouncements | August 16, 2016

Today AT&T has officially announced to add the Kyocera DuraForce PRO to their lineup
Just two weeks ago Kyocera announced that the new DuraForce Pro will hit the US market this fall, which will be probably the cheapest smartphone offering a wide-angle action camera. At the time of the announcement the phone’s carrier availability was still a mystery and subject to many speculations. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait that long to find out which of the US carriers will be distributing the new phone as today AT&T has officially revealed to add the new Kyocera DuraForce Pro to their lineup.

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Kyocera launches another cheap waterproof phone for AT&T GoPhone prepaid service

ByinPhones Without Contract | July 18, 2016

Kyocera launches waterproof phone for AT&T GoPhone
Waterproof phones have been around forever, but for a long time this features was reserved only for rugged devices. The thing is, though, that not everyone is crazy about such phone since they tend to offer only basic functionality not to mention the fact that some can be downright ugly. Fortunately, a while ago manufacturers found a way to make smartphones waterproof and now almost every company has at least one such model in their portfolio. However, there’s one indisputable leader in this field. It’s the Japanese smartphone maker Kyocera which just launched another cheap waterproof phone for AT&T GoPhone prepaid service.

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Samsung and AT&T launched the super-rugged Galaxy S7 Active

ByinAnnouncements, New Phones | June 7, 2016

Samsung and AT&T launched the super-rugged Galaxy S7 Active
Remember when some time ago we reported on the ultra-ruggedized model of the Samsung’s recent flagship? The Galaxy S7 Active has finally materialized announced by AT&T. Except for a tank-like body case, the new phone offers a package of top-notch specs, which altogether make the device a perfect option for those who fell in love in the Galaxy S7 line but discourage by its fragile construction decided to put off its purchase.

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AT&T launched the LG Phoenix 2, a $99 smartphone to keep in touch with family and friends

ByinNew Phones | May 13, 2016

Starting today the LG Phoenix 2 is available for purchase at a very affordable price
Some of you may have woken up today thinking that it’s going to be a bad day. After all, it’s Friday 13th. Don’t fear the date, though. In fact, if you are in the market for a new budget-friendly smartphone, it might be your lucky day. AT&T just expanded its GoPhone lineup with a new cheap smartphone. The device is called LG Phoenix 2 and starting today it’s available for purchase for $99 without contract.

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Kyocera intros waterproof Hydro View and DuraForce XD smartphones and ultra-rugged DuraXE flip cell phone

ByinAnnouncements | January 5, 2016

Kyocera DuraForce XD
According to statistics, the most common damage to a smartphone is a broken screen closely followed by liquid ingression. Even though the data includes only smartphones, non-smartphones are equally prone to the same type of injuries. Luckily for users who fail at being gentle with their phones, there are manufacturers which specialize in more durable devices, for example Kyocera. The Japanese company just introduced a trio of new models including waterproof Hydro View and DuraForce XD smartphones and ultra-rugged DuraXE flip cell phone.

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AT&T is now selling the Lumia 950 online priced $149 on contract

ByinAnnouncements | November 17, 2015

AT&T Is Selling The Lumia 950
Probably no Microsoft fan will disagree that a new flagship phone was long overdue. Finally, in early October the manufacturer announced the high-end Lumia 950 Windows Phone 10 smartphone. Immediately after it happened, AT&T confirmed that it would carry the phone but didn’t say when. A month and a half later that day has arrive and now AT&T is selling the Lumia 950 online priced at $149.99 on contract.

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AT&T launches the new HTC One A9, brings BlackBerry Priv on November 6th

ByinAnnouncements | November 2, 2015

AT&T launches the new phone
If you are looking for a new Android phone, you might want to know that two such devices are on their way to AT&T. Actually, one is already available for purchase. AT&T just launched the new HTC One A9, and will bring the BlackBerry Priv on November 6th.

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AT&T and T-Mobile are now selling the new LG V10 phone

ByinNew Phones | October 28, 2015

LG V10 at AT&T and T-Mobile
Long gone are the times when there were just a few models of smartphones in stores all offering comparable features. Today phones come in all shapes and sizes and with all imaginable hardware configurations ranging from basic to top of the line. If you are in the market for a device with unconventional solutions, LG’s new offering called V10 might the one you are looking for. The phone was officially introduced earlier this month and is now available for purchase in the US – starting today, AT&T and T-Mobile are selling the new LG V10.

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Rugged Kyocera DuraForce XD and LG G Vista 2 with stylus coming soon to AT&T

ByinAnnouncements | October 21, 2015

New Phone Coming Soon To ATT
For the past couple of years, popularity of large smartphones known as phablets has been steadily increasing and manufacturers do their beset to cater to users’ needs by releasing new models. The selection of phones with big screens is already pretty impressive, with devices ranging from entry-level to very premium. If you are in the market for a new phablet, your choice is about to get a little bit harder, as rugged Kyocera DuraForce XD and LG G Vista 2 with stylus are coming to AT&T soon.

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Kyocera Hydro Air waterproof Android phone gets official for AT&T GoPhone prepaid service priced $99

ByinNew Phones | October 21, 2015

Hydro Air Android Waterproof Phone
Kyocera is a company that specializes in making Android devices that can withstand more hardships than an average smartphone. In the US the manufacturer offers mid-range handsets that combine durability with decent specs and pretty attractive design. Kyocera’s latest offering called Hydro Air just went official for AT&T GoPhone prepaid service.

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Windows Phone is back, meet the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL

ByinAnnouncements | October 6, 2015

Lumia 950 XL
It’s been a while since a flagship Lumia handset was launched. The last premium member of the series was the Lumia 930 which went official exactly one year, six months and four days ago. It’s a bit of a surprise, especially since most manufacturers release new models at least once a year. Skipping a generation is also uncommon and that’s what Microsoft did with the new Lumia. Instead of launching a Lumia 940, the company went straight to the Lumia 950 and 950XL, both of which we got to meet earlier today at an event in New York City.

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ZTE ZMAX 2 GoPhone prepaid phablet is now available via AT&T online store

ByinNew Phones, Phones Without Contract | September 27, 2015

The fact that ZTE recently focused on its US-oriented high-end Axon line of smartphones doesn’t necessarily mean that the company forgot about their more budget-conscious customers. Just the opposite, in order to mark its position on the mid-tier market sector the China-based manufacturer has just released the phablet-like ZTE ZMAX 2 featuring 5.5-inch display and powered by Android Lollipop. Available as a GoPhone prepaid phone offer the handset is open for purchase via AT&T online store priced 149.99 without contract.

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Microsoft Lumia 640 is now on sale via AT&T GoPhone prepaid service

ByinPhones Without Contract | July 27, 2015

Go Phone Lumia 640
Last month AT&T started to sell the Microsoft’s Lumia 640 XL, today the carrier’s line-up gained another offering, the Lumia 640. Being a smaller brother of the 5.7-inch phablet, the more compact Lumia 640 comes with LTE connectivity, Cortana and Windows Phone 8.1 out of box. The phone is already available via AT&T GoPhone prepaid service labeled with a price tag of $79.99. After Metro PCS and T-Mobile, AT&T is third US carrier that added the Lumia 640 to its offer.

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Four new HTC Desire phones bound for US carriers – Desire 626, Desire 626s, Desire 520 and Desire 526

ByinAnnouncements | July 15, 2015

HTC Desire 626-626S
For the last three years HTC has been focused mostly on the premium One series, somewhat neglecting more budget-conscious customers. The company launched a few mid-range phones; however, its contribution to the mid tier has been rather modest recently, at least compared to the most prolific manufacturers. It’s time for a change, though. HTC has just announced four new Desire phones bound for US carriers – the Desire 520, Desire 526, Desire 626 and Desire 626s.

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