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Prepaid Sprint and Boost Mobile begun selling the Sharp Aquos Crystal for $149.99 without contract

ByinNew Phones, Phones Without Contract | October 10, 2014

Sharp Aquos CrystalWhat a better way to celebrate new partnership than to release a new smartphone? Probably there isn’t one and that’s what Sprint, Sharp and Japanese company Softbank thought when they set to work on the Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone. The device was announced back in August and now is starting to make its way to stores. Prepaid Sprint and Boost Mobile have just begun selling the phone for $149.99 without contract.

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Sprint announces the Sharp Aquos Crystal, coming to Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

ByinNew Phones | August 19, 2014

Sharp AQUOS Crystal.When yesterday we reported about the announcement of the Sharp Aquos Crystal and Sprint’s upcoming “Take the edge off” event in New York, we had a feeling that the two were somehow connected. And we weren’t mistaken. Earlier today during the said event Sprint confirmed that it will be adding Sharp’s new offering to its portfolio. The phone also will be coming to Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile later this year.

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Sprint may launch tomorrow the extreme Sharp Aquos Crystal phone sporting compact design with almost no bezels

ByinLeaks & Rumors | August 18, 2014

Sharp Aquos CrystalToday is the day of great news in the mobile business. Firstly, we learnt about the upcoming Sprint event in New York that is scheduled for tomorrow. The event invitation says “take the edge off” and is illustrated with shimmering crystals, which in turn lead us to the second great revelation of this week, which is announcement of launching outstandingly beautiful smartphones: the Sharp Aquos Crystal and Sharp Aquos Crystal X. The first one is said to be added to the U.S carrier Sprint list of offerings. The Japanese carrier SoftBank (the one who practically owns Sprint) published a teaser video presenting the Sharp Aquos Crystal as a first smartphone with almost no bezels.

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