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iPad Pro pre-sale kicks off with up to $50 gift cards bonuses

ByinAnnouncements | June 7, 2019

iPad Pro are open for pre-order

This week WWDC delivered a wide-range of new Apple products, including iPads. A day after its official premiere both iPads Pro, the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch variants, are available for pre-order nationwide. Both devices can be reserved from Best Buy at pricing shared at the conference. To sweeten the deal the big box retailer is throwing in a gift card worth up to $50, you can spend on iPad-dedicated accessories.

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Apple announced two iPad Pros with updated display and ProMotion

ByinAnnouncements | June 5, 2017

Aplle iPad Pros are available in two screen-size

At the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple hasn’t just introduced the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, but also updated the 12.9-inch model. Both tablets come with a one-year-old True Tone display adjusting color temperature to lighting conditions and a brand new feature called “ProMotion”. Except for stunning viewing experience the new iPads offers powerful processing parameters and come with a wide range of additional accessories.

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Apple discontinued iPad Air 2 in favor of a new, better and cheaper 9.7″ iPad

ByinTablets | March 21, 2017

Earlier today Apple has expanded its iPad lineup
Earlier today Apple has expanded its iPad lineup, adding a new affordable tablet to its portfolio. The Cupertino-company has dropped the iPad Air 2 from its offer in favor of a new slate with a simple though saying everything name “iPad”. The new device looks pretty much the same as its predecessor, however it comes with several internal upgrades and a really eye-catching price tag.

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Apple announced the new 9.7″ iPad Pro and new new lower prices on older iPads

ByinTablets | March 21, 2016

Apple officially introduced today the smaller version of the iPad Pro
Released in 2016 the massive 12.9-inch iPad Pro was widely considered one the most comfortable tablets due to screen size-factor. However, there were also many users who although fell in love with the device’s specs, would prefer it to have a more compact body. Conscious of the needs of its customers Apple officially introduced today the long-rumored smaller version of the iPad Pro equipped with a more typical 9.7-inch display.

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iPhone 5SE and iPad Air 3 could go on sale soon after introduction – March 18th

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 13, 2016

Apple is preparing to unveil the iPhone 5SE and the iPad Air 3
The iPhone 5SE and the iPad Air 3 have recently been one of the most frequently rumored devices. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait long to put our hands on the handsets since Apple has just announced the official premiere date for them. According to the recent leak on March 14 the Cupertino team will held a special event during which they plan to present the iPhone 5SE and the iPad Air 3. Both devices will go on sale on March 18.

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iPad Air 3 may be announced on March 14th – Here’s what to expect

ByinLeaks & Rumors | January 28, 2016

iPad Air 3 may be announced on March 14th
Apple is going to launch a new iPad during its special press conference scheduled to mid-March. The device will be most likely a new member of the Apple’s iPad Air line. Dubbed “iPad Air 3” the handset is reported to feature a package of top-notch hardware including a 4K display, fast processor and a powerful battery.

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Best Buy offers the deepest price cuts on Apple products; iPads on sale with $125 discount plus iPhones prices slashed by $100

ByinSales & Special Offers | December 10, 2015

Apple iPhone 6S
Black Friday brought a handful of pretty decent discounts on Apple products but as soon as the day was over, prices went up to their regular level leaving many potential buyers very unhappy. Those who are in the market for the Apple Watch had yesterday a reason to smile, since Best Buy discounted the device significantly. It appears that it was just the beginning. Starting today, the retailer offers the deepest price cuts on Apple products – iPads are on sale with a $125 discount and iPhones prices were slashed by $100.

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Starting today you can get the new iPad Mini 4 with 4G LTE on T-Mobile network for $0 down

ByinTablets | September 18, 2015

The giant iPad Pro is currently definitely the biggest star of the Apple’s tablet family, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a device for everyone. If you’re put off by its premium price or size, you can think over getting yourself the more compact iPad Mini 4. Starting today, you may jump on T-Mobile and get yourself the latest 4G LTE-capable update to the iPad Mini line for $0 down.

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Apple lowered iPad prices as the new iPad Mini 4 gets official

ByinTablets | September 9, 2015

iPad Mini 4
While giving a wide-coverage announcement to the gargantuan 12.9-inch iPadPro, Apple almost forgot to mention about the iPad Mini 4. Breaking with its October release tradition, the Cupertino team introduced this afternoon a new update to the iPad Mini series that can be simply described as a smaller alternative to the iPad Air 2. Except for delivering world brand new tablets, Apple simultaneously updated iPad prices making the older generations more affordable.

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Apple announces 12.9-inch iPad Pro along with smart keyboard and pencil stylus

ByinTablets | September 9, 2015

Apple iPad Pro
It’s a big day for all Apple’s enthusiasts. Today at its special press conference Apple officially unveiled a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Delivering the biggest ever display on an iOS device and the most powerful performance of all iOS-based devices, the Cupertino company’s new tablet offers killer specs and highly precise input enhanced by a smart keyboard and a pencil stylus. If you like to know more about this giant among iPads, stay with us.

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New report sheds some light on the upcoming iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro

ByinLeaks & Rumors | August 1, 2015

Apple iPads
While the whole tech blogosphere is focused on the September premiere of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Apple is silently preparing to introduce new iPads. In order to increase its tablet sales the company decided to release this fall not one but three new tablet devices, the iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro, giving customers multiplicity of choice options. With so far pretty scarce information on the upcoming iPads, we finally get a more detailed report that sheds some light on what we can expect form the slates.

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How to protect your privacy and enable encryption on your iPhone and iPad in four easy steps

ByinTips & Guides | June 14, 2015

 Apple iPhone
Long gone are the times when mobile phones were used only to make calls and send texts. When smart technology took the world by storm, phones gained additional functionalities which turned them into mini computers. As a result, smartphone users store on their devices a lot more than they did in the past and in case of unauthorized access may lose much more than a few phone numbers. While smartphones are considered relatively secure, especially those made by Apple, you can never be too careful when protecting sensitive data, so let us explain how to protect your privacy and enable encryption on your iPhone and iPad in four easy steps.

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The biggest Apple’s tablet yet leaks out again, this time in the form of a blueprint

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | May 1, 2015

Apple iPadsAll mobile gadgets enthusiasts are surely nervously waiting for the premiere of the Apple’s biggest tablet yet, the iPad Pro. Recently, the highly anticipated slate has leaked out one more time, this time in the form of a blueprint presenting the alleged device. If you’re interested in everything concerning the iPad Pro, stay with us, we’re going to take a close-up at the latest report.

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iPad Mini 4 to have a slim aluminum iPad Air 2-like body – first rumors round up

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 10, 2015

iPad Mini 4Last year Apple greatly disappointed its fans by its approach to the iPad Mini lineup, offering them the slightly upgraded version of the iPad Mini 3. Instead of packing the iPad Air 2 with the top-end hardware into a smaller, more compact body, the Cupertino company simply added a Touch ID sensor and several new color options to the well-known device. All these made the iPad Mini 3 definitely not a highly desirable slate in the market. However, the Apple team seems willing to atone for their sins by releasing the iPad Mini 4, whose slim aluminum iPad Air 2-like body case has been recently spotted in the wild.

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Apple is planning to launch the largest iPad yet with a stylus pen

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | January 20, 2015

iPad ProAccording to the industry analyst with a reliable track record in predicting Cupertino company’s launching plans, Apple is planning to release their largest ever iPad with a stylus pen. If everything goes in accordance with the company’s plans, measuring 12.9-inch the iPad Pro will be the first Apple’s tablet to sport an input experience enhanced by a special stylus, something so far unprecedented in the iPad history.

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Apple is designing a 12.2-inch iPad Air Plus that may replace your laptop or notebook

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | November 30, 2014

iPad AirAnother portion of the Apple iPad Air has just gone viral. The new device will be allegedly called iPad Air Plus, which means that the company is keeping with the naming tradition started this year with the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. What’s even more interesting the upcoming Apple slate will feature an extra sharp 12.2-inch screen, which the company has been rumored to have been working on for some time. The giant display makes the device a perfect replacement for your laptop or notebook.

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Sam’s Club’s Black Friday deals include iPhone 6 for $99 and cheaper iPads

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Sales & Special Offers | November 3, 2014

iPhone 6 GoldHoliday season is fast approaching so it’s a perfect time to start thinking about gifts, especially since the biggest shopping event called Black Friday is a little over three weeks away. Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the day when you can buy virtually whatever you want at awesome prices. If you are after Apple device, you are in luck, as Sam’s Club’s deals will include the Apple iPhone 6 for $99 on contract and cheaper iPads.

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How to pick the right iPad in 5 simple steps

ByinTablets, Tips & Guides | October 21, 2014

Apple iPadsWith unveiling two more iPads joining the Apple’s tablets lineup, the Cupertino company has made it easier than ever to buy one in terms of budget, but simultaneously harder than ever to choose the perfect one. There are 16 different prices from $249 to $829 that cover 56 variants of the iPad, including 5 models, 4 built-in storage options, 2 display sizes and 3 color schemes. Another thing is that you will also have to decide whether you need the built-in TouchID scanner or 4G wireless connectivity. Trying to help you to make a proper choice when buying your iPad, we prepared five simple steps showing how to pick the right model.

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Apple discounts iPad Air and iPad Mini older generations as the newest models hit the market

ByinSales & Special Offers, Tablets | October 19, 2014

Apple iPadsSome folks are so much into latest technology that they won’t even look at last year’s model of a phone or tablet. Those are usually people who don’t have to save money to buy a new gadget because they have plenty. Users with slimmer wallets wait for price cuts of older models which usually occur when a new device is released. If you were eyeing Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 or iPad Mini now would be a good time to get yourself one. Apple has just discounted the iPad Air and iPad Mini older models as the newest models hit the market.

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Thinner, lighter and more powerful Apple iPad Air 2 is now official, pre-orders start this Friday

ByinTablets | October 16, 2014

iPad Air 2 Apple announce the iPhone 6 and its Plus variant a few weeks ago but the company is not done for this year yet. Apple’s portfolio consists of a variety of devices, the most popular of which, right next to iPhones, are iPads. Recently we have been hearing quite a lot of chatter regarding the new iPad Air and today marks the end of rumors as the new thinner, lighter and more powerful Apple iPad Air 2 becomes official will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow.

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