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Amazon allegedly works on a new Fire Phone with Google Play support that will cost less than $100

ByinLeaks & Rumors | June 5, 2017

Amazon is working on a successor of the Fire Phone

All familiar with the mobile industry surely remember the Amazon Fire Phone. Released in 2014 the handset was poorly sold mostly due to the  lack of Google services support. Apparently, three years later Amazon is working on a successor of the Fire Phone. Developed under the codename “Ice”, the new device arrives with Google’s suite of apps, including Google Play, Gmail or Maps and is said to be cheap.

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Unlocked Fire Phone goes on sale for $199 bundled with free Prime subscription

ByinSales & Special Offers | February 12, 2015

Fire PhoneIt’s not a secret that the Amazon Fire Phone fell short of everybody’s expectations. Pretty high price upon release didn’t help either to gain the market. Six months after the device was launched, Amazon finally realized that the pricing wasn’t right and corrected its mistake. Now the unlocked Amazon Fire Phone is on sale for $199 with free Amazon Prime subscription for one year ($99.99 value).

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Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone is now on sale for $199 without contract and free Amazon Prime

ByinSales & Special Offers | November 26, 2014

Fire Phone Let’s be honest – we had high hopes for the Amazon Fire Phone, all the more so because they were fuelled by very colorful rumors. Somehow, however, the handset failed to live up to expectations and is not selling very well. Maybe because it’s too expensive? Or rather was as now fully unlocked Amazon Fire Phone is on sale for $199 without contract and a free year of Amazon Prime subscription. This could be the hottest deal of the holiday season.

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Amazon Fire phone got price reduced to 99 cents on contract

ByinSales & Special Offers | September 8, 2014

Amazon Fire phoneAmazon’s very first smartphone, the Fire Phone, was touted as a revolutionary device before it was out; however, somehow it managed to fall somewhat short of expectations. On the other hand, even though the technology doesn’t seem as spectacular as Amazon promised it would be, the phone still stands out from other similarly equipped offerings. If you want to see for yourself what the Fire Phone has to offer, now you have a chance to do so for much less money as the phone’s price got reduced to just 99 cents on contract.

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Amazon Fire Phone for AT&T is now on sale in carrier’s online and local stores

ByinNew Phones | July 26, 2014

Amazon Fire Remember that day in June when Amazon made official its first smartphone called the Fire Phone? The company promised that the device would make it to the stores on July 25th and it sure did – yesterday the Fire Phone went on sale at AT&T stores and Amazon. As expected, the handset will be carried exclusively by AT&T, so Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile customers will have to stomach the disappointment.

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Amazon announces Fire Phone – See Specs, Cool Features, Pricing and Availability

ByinAnnouncements, New Phones | June 18, 2014

AT&T Fire PhoneToday is a big day for Amazon. After over a year of planning, careful research and development followed by many months of hard work and countless rumors, the retailer’s first smartphone is finally official. Just moments ago, at a special event in Seattle the company announced the Fire Phone – a handsome-looking device packed with a bunch of cool features and access to Amazon’s most popular services. Luckily for us, anxious souls, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was a good sport and revealed all the details we love to hear, from specs to pricing and availability.

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Amazon phone press image leaks out

ByinLeaks & Rumors | May 1, 2014

Amazon Phone Press ImageIt looks like the much rumored Amazon smartphone is actually the real deal. Merely two weeks after we were tipped about the company working on a phone with unique 3D effect, another juicy bits are coming your way. This time we got some nice pictures to show you. A press image of what is believed to be Amazon’s upcoming smartphone has leaked out and is currently making it’s way around the web.

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Amazon is getting ready to launch a phone with unique 3D effects; first look at Amazon smartphone

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 15, 2014

Amazon SmartphoneAmazon is working on a smartphone with unique 3D effects. We’ve heard that already, haven’t we? More than once, actually. The first rumors about the online retailer allegedly getting ready to launch Amazon phone under its own brand date back to 2012. None of them materialized so far, though. So, is the latest report worth your attention any more than the previous ones? It might be. It seems that this time round it’s not just a wishful speculation. A leaked photo supposedly giving us the first look at Amazon smartphone suggests that it might be the real deal.

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Amazon phone to come in second quarter of 2013 with 4.7-inch screen

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 27, 2013

AmazonRumors about Amazon phone started soon after the retailer launched its Kindle Fire tablet back in 2011. Since then we have heard a lot speculations about the phone but nothing solid so far. Discussions heated up again, when sources inside component suppliers Foxconn said they would be manufacturing the device. Amazon did not confirm that is indeed making a smartphone but when company’s CEO said “stay tuned” it means that something big is in progress and today we have another piece of news.

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