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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 release date revealed, will arrive to stores around May 1

ByinAnnouncements | March 27, 2013

T-MobileT-Mobile treated us to some good news today. During its UNcarrier event in New York City, the carrier announced the launch of its LTE network together with several new LTE-enabled handsets. One of the heroes of today’s press conference was undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy S4. We already knew that the handset would be coming to T-Mobile. What we did not know was when. T-Mobile said that the phone will be available in early May and CEO Legere was even more specific claiming that the Galaxy S4 will hit the stores “around May 1”.

T-Mobile Galaxy S4 – Price and availability

Galaxy S4 T-MobileThere is some degree of uncertainty in this statement, which may suggest that the launch date could be pushed back a few days. While it is not a solid date, at least we have an estimate. None of other major US carriers revealed the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date so far, but we expect them to start offering the handset by mid-May. Customers in other countries should be able to purchase the phone by the end of next month.

T-Mobile has not confirmed the pricing, but given that other 4G LTE phones, such as the iPhone 5, HTC One, will be offered for $99.99 plus monthly payments of $20 for two years, it would not be a surprise if the same applied to the Galaxy S4. Even though T-Mobile claims to be more open than other carriers, it will sell the handset locked, at least until its full price is paid.

source: Engadget

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