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T-Mobile sale brings zero down payment on the hottest smartphones: Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II, Lumia 925, Xperia Z

ByinFREE Phones, Sales & Special Offers | July 27, 2013

TMobile phones at 0 downWho said that nothing in life is free? They see black and white, but there is always that gray area of circumstantial acceptation. Choosing to capture that moment is a matter of preference. It is safe to say that T-Mobile lives up to that statement in saying our top devices are free for you, for a limited time — for a limited moment.

T-Mobile Zero Down Payment Limited Offer

Free T-Mobile Galaxy S4Today is a phenomenal day for T-Mobile customers who are on the market for great deals on mobile devices. As the carrier is providing for new, existing as well as small business customers the latest tablets, smartphones, mobile hotspots, and feature phones for a down payment of zero.

Any other carrier of the Galaxy S4 expect a down payment upon purchasing the handset. Opposed to paying $149.99 down payment and then twenty-four monthly payments of $20 dollars which is T Mobile’s original pricing option for the Galaxy S4, customers have the option to pay zero dollars upfront followed by 24 monthly payments of $24 dollars. Initially you are saving $149.99 at the moment, but in the end the difference turns out to be a savings of $29.99 down the line, as customers will pay a total of $600. Whereas the original total of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is 629.99.

Lumia 925 iPhone 5 at zero downThere are many devices on the T-Mobile list of features phones available for a zero down payment option. The limited time bargain raises the monthly cost of the devices to even out the costs in the end, the two most expensive and popular of phones on the list are the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy Note II, which both require $27 for monthly payments. The Nokia Lumia 521 is carrier’s the most inexpensive model with monthly payments set at $5.

Along with the zero down payment promotion, T-Mobile is bringing a sort of two for one special to its customers – recently announced upgrade plan called JUMP! This program allows customers to sign up to an upgrade their devices twice, whenever they want within a year time, as soon as they reach six months as enrolled customers.

Earlier this year, in March, T-Mobile had been sticking to a new tradition in regard to their payment options. Upfront payments first and then increments of payments for a 24 month period. This separates the device payments from plan payments, yet this way may turn out to work very well as customers will enjoy the extra money they have at the moment from saving up to purchase these new hot phones.

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