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T-Mobile kicked off a new promo giving prepaid customers a new cell phone for free

ByinFREE Phones | February 2, 2016

T-Mobile launching free prepaid phone promo on February 3
Prepaid plans are a very appealing choice for users who don’t want any long-term commitment. Every major US service provider has at least a couple of prepaid plans in its offer and we can name a bunch of carriers that are prepaid-only so there are plenty of options to choose from. However, if you want to grab a new smartphone for free to go with your new plan, T-Mobile is the place to go. America’s first UnCarrier just kicked off a new promo giving prepaid customers a new cell phone for free.

You can now get a free smartphone if you sign up for one of T-Mobile’s prepaid plans

Sign up for one of T-Mobile’s prepaid plans and get a free smartphone
Starting Wednesday, February 3rd, every Simple Choice Prepaid, Simple Choice No Credit, and Simply Prepaid customer who signs up for a new plan will be eligible for a free phone worth $50 or less. There is one condition, though. The plan must be priced at $40 or more, or your phone won’t be free. Important thing to remember is that your free phone is actually not free upon purchase. You will have to pay for the device first and then you will receive a $50 mail-in rebate which will cover the price of the device. In addition, if you opt for one of Simple Choice No Credit plans, you can get another $50 rebate for activating a second line.

T-Mobile offers four phones as a part of the promotion – the ZTE Obsidian, LG Leon, Samsung Core Prime and Coolpad Rogue. Neither of the devices is particularly high-end, in fact they probably don’t even classify as mid-rangers, but they seem like decent options for less demanding customers. With the exception of the Coolpad Rogue, all handsets sport LTE radios, 5-megapixel rear cameras and 4.5-inch screens. Moreover, all phones are powered by quad-core processors and offer 1GB of RAM as well as expandable memory. Of course, all are Android devices.

The promotion goes live tomorrow, February 3rd, and will be available in participating stores, meaning that you won’t receive the mail-in rebate if you order your phone online. It’s apparently a time-limited offer, however, T-Mobile didn’t disclose when it expires. That said, if you want to become T-Mobile’s prepaid customer and get a free phone as a bonus, you may want to visit the carrier’s store rather sooner than later.

source: T-Mobile


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