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T-Mobile and Metro PCS launch Alcatel 768, an affordable flip phone with basic features

ByinNew Phones | July 31, 2013

Alcatel 768Both T-Mobile and Metro PCS have launched recently the new Alcatel 768, an affordable flip phone with basic features. Metro PCS has the handset available for $49 without contract. T-Mobile has the phone listed for zero down payments with T-Mobile equipment installment plan, and will add $3 per month for 24 months to the service plan cost. A secondary option T-Mobile offers is to pay for the phone in full for the convenient price of $72.

Alcatel 768 for T-Mobile and Metro PCS

Alcatel 768 Metro PCSThe both versions are almost identical as far as specifications go, but they do share small differences. Here are the common specifications/features for the two devices as followed 2 megapixel camera with video capture, M3 and T3 hearing aid compatibility, GPS with navigation capability and more. The Alcatel 768 features a 2.4 inch main display with 240 by 320 pixels as well as an additional display that display time, and other status icons.

As far as differences go they may go unnoticeable to the eye, but on paper the numbers show that the dimensions of the phones do not match precisely. Metro PCS’s version reads 4.09 x 2.05 x 0.69; T-Mobile’s version reads 4.09 x 2.07 x 3.75. The main differences are in the pricing options which are determined by the service providers Metro PCS and T-Mobile. It comes down to a matter of preference would you like to pay a flat fee with Metro PCS or have the option to either portion out your payments or pay in full at T-Mobile.

more info: Metro PCS / T-Mobile

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