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T-Mobile may bring back BlackBerry phones to Magenta stores

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 18, 2014

T-Mobile CEO LegereThe fact that BlackBerry has been struggling to make ends meet for some time already may have knocked the company’s reputation a few notches down but it looks like the Canadian manufacturer still has a lot of faithful fans. In fact, BlackBerry diehard users apparently can’t be tempted even by T-Mobile’s iPhone 5S promotion and give the impression of being able to do anything to protect their favorite brand. After hearing BlackBerry fans complains, T-Mobile may bring BlackBerry phones back to its offer.

T-Mobile vs. Blackberry – Long story short:

John Legere TwitterEverything started last year in September when T-Mobile removed BlackBerry phones from its stores leaving RIM enthusiasts with very limited options while shopping online. Those who wanted to get a BlackBerry handset on the Magenta network could choose only between a BlackBerry Curve 9315 in new and refurbished condition plus a refurbished BlackBerry Q10. As you can imagine, BlackBerry users were not happy about the move but patiently waited to see how situation unfold.

A few days ago T-Mobile has sent out promotional mailers encouraging BlackBerry users to switch to Apple iPhone 5S implying that it would be a better choice. That was the last straw that prompted BlackBerry owners to raise red flag and complain to the executive. Response was almost immediate. In a tweet John Legere wrote: ”BlackBerry users, I’m hearing you loud and clear. Let me work with the team and get back to you.” While the answer is not definitive, it certainly gives hope that T-Mobile will bring BlackBerry phones back to its stores.

The problem is serious, but the discussion that followed was not devoid of humor. When one person asked Legere “Was it hard to hear us with your head all the way up Apples @ss?” the answer was “actually no, the acoustics up there are pretty :). I heard you.”

source: @JohnLegere

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