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T-Mobile launches JUMP Upgrade Plan and Simple Choice Family Plans

ByinAnnouncements | July 16, 2013

Jump from T-MobileT-Mobile certainly sets a good example to follow for all other carriers. The Magenta network has just made available its two new plans, both of which sound pretty exciting. The JUMP upgrade plan is aimed at those customers who like to be on top with their smartphone. The upgraded Simple Choice Family plan, on the other hand, offers some interesting options for a great value. Both plans are available from T-Mobile stores and online.

T-Mobile JUMP and Simple Choice Family Plans

Comparison of carrier upgrade programsOut of the two plans, JUMP is the one that deserves special attention. The plan allows you to upgrade your phone every half a year. As incredible as it sounds, this is exactly what the carrier will let you do. Where is the catch?  You will have to pay a small fee of $10 per month in order to be able to trade in your handset for a new model after six months.

This is a revolutionary idea and a necessary one, we must add, especially if you consider how fast trends in the mobile world are changing. Other carriers still require a period of two years before you become eligible for an upgrade. That is awfully long in smartphone years.

The new family plans are a great deal for an average-sized family. For $80 per month you will get two lines with unlimited talk, text and 500 MB of high-speed data per line. The service also includes Mobile HotSpot. You can go all the way up to five lines, for additional $10 per line, so the total of five lines will costs you $110.

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