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T-Mobile gives cash for old BlackBerry phones if you trade-in for a new one

ByinSales & Special Offers | February 20, 2014

Sweet Deal on BlackberryThe last few days have been full of emotions for BlackBerry users on T-Mobile. Last weekend the carrier sent out emails encouraging BlackBerry users to ditch the brand and switch to iPhone 5S. However, BlackBerry users’ loyalty is stronger than any promotion T-Mobile could offer. Not only didn’t they want to take advantage of the deal, but they actually contacted to the carrier executive and expressed outrage. In his response Magenta network CEO, John Legere promised he would “work with the team and get back” with an answer and… he did. T-Mobile will give cash if you trade in your old BlackBerry for a new one.

T-Mobile’s Trade-in Offer for BlackBerry Users

BlackBerry Z10 Q10Apparently, there isn’t much that a man can’t do and it looks like John Legere’ talks with “the team” were quite successful. Starting this Friday (February 21st) a special promotion aimed only at BlackBerry users will go live on Magenta network. It’s a time-limited trade-in offer which will grant $200 if you trade in your old BlackBerry smartphone and use the credit towards the purchase of any T-Mobile phone you wish.

Moreover, if you decide to go for one of the Blackberry 10 devices, that is the Q10 or Z10, T-Mobile will give you another $50. That would be $250 total. This isn’t “up to” kind of a deal. The credit remains the same regardless of the age of the BlackBerry phone you are trading in. The only requirement is that the device has to be in a working condition. The new promotion is obviously T-Mobile’s way to say “I’m sorry” and nice move in an attempt to make things right between the carrier and BlackBerry users.

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