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T-Mobile eliminates international roaming charges for data and texting services starting October 31st

ByinAnnouncements | October 14, 2013

T-Mobile Global UnlimitedT-Mobile works really hard to stand out from the rest of the carriers. The Magenta network has announced this week that it is eliminating international roaming charges. It means that UnCarrier plans will include unlimited international data and texting services free of any additional costs. The new plans will be available starting October 31st. The changes will also be applied to existing Simple Choice plans automatically and with no fees.

T-Mobile sets a new standard to follow…

T-Mboile CEO John LegereWith the new plans voice calls made abroad will cost just 20 cents per minute. The new plans will cover such popular travel destinations as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy and France. Full list of countries eligible for charge free data and texting service includes over 100 positions.

With this step, T-Mobile sets a new standard to follow by other carriers. Mobile technology as a whole is steadily improving, however this particular area is still governed by ancient rules. Smartphone makers make sure that their devices are compatible with multiple networks all over the world, yet we cannot take full advantage of freedom of communication due to extremely high costs.

According to T-Mobile calculation, using your phone abroad can generate huge costs amounting to as much as $1,000 per day or even more. Such numbers certainly can leave you shocked and result in limited communication while traveling. T-Mobile believes “It doesn’t have to be this way,” and is taking a step towards charge free international service.

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