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T-Mobile kicks off Black Friday special offer and gives customers a free tablet

ByinSales & Special Offers | November 19, 2014

free tabletT-Mobile has just announced kicking off their special Black Friday offer giving its customers chance to get a free tablet. The 7-inch Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 Android tablet will be available for nothing upfront for the carrier’s existing customers starting this Friday as a special T-Mobile loyalty gift. Too beautiful to be true? Let’s check how it works and where’s the catch.

T-Mobile Black Friday offer with free tablet

Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7Starting from the availability, though the free Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 is within easy reach of both, existing and new customers, the first group can take the advantage of the T-Mobile Black Friday special offer starting this Friday, while the latter have to wait to put their hands on the slate until Saturday, November 22nd. But, remember that the offer will be available in selected participating retailers, so before starting your journey to your local T-Mobile store to hunt a free Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7, you’d better check if it takes part in the promotion.

To get the tablet for $0 upfront and for nothing per month, the only thing you will have to do is to activate a postpaid Mobile Internet plan of 1GB or higher, which means you’ll have to pay $20 per month for the data plan. But, in case you are an already existing phone subscriber, you will be granted with an $10 discount on your data-only plan. Don’t forget that despite getting the slate for free you will need to pay the sales tax.

In addition, to qualify for the Early Access on November 21st, existing customers will have to be EIP eligible, which perhaps sounds a bit ridiculous since the carrier promises that there will be no monthly installments for the phone. Well, the thing is that technically you’re still signing for EIP, but the monthly installments will be covered by the carrier.

Though a $7 EIP charge will be added to the bill, it will be credited back for up to 24 months. And here’s the catch, if for some reason you cancel your T-Mobile contract before the due time, you will have to pay the remaining tablet balance which is $168. So, in other words, the tablet is for free as long as you pay your data plan monthly fees for the full 24 months.

Everyone wanting to get themselves a free tablet should consider taking advantage of this special pre-Black Friday T-Mobile offer, since you may not get better and more profitable opportunity to do it.

source: T-Mobile

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