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Swatch introduces Touch Zero One smartwatch with massive touch screen

ByinSmartwatches | March 9, 2015

Swatch Smartwatch.It looks like the smartwatch market gained a new player. We’re talking about Swatch, which now, after months of denials that they were working with Apple on their very own smart watch, have finally announced the Touch Zero One. Carrying a massive touch screen (with no color, for the battery’s sake) and a number of fitness-conscious features the Swiss-made smart timepiece will be dedicated to all beach volleyball enthusiasts.

Swatch Touch Zero One Smart Watch

Swatch Touch Zero OneWhen looking at the new smartwatch, the first impression is pretty clear: the Touch Zero One looks much like its predecessor, the Swatch Touch, which was a gadget with minimal touch functionality that couldn’t event pretend to the ‘smartwatch’ title. However, the Touch Zero One has all the necessary features to be called smart, including an accompanying it smartphone app. So far, the Swiss company hasn’t unveiled whether it will be compatible to be used with iOS or Android, or perhaps two of the mentioned OS.

Sadly, the new wearable gadget isn’t a high-end, fully-fledged, doing almost everything smartwatch. It’s rather a fitness tracker capable to show you the time and connect with your smartphone. However, don’t expect being able to email, text, call, control your playlist or even get phone notifications because you will get seriously disappointed.

Though the watch isn’t definitely a specs pack device, it gives us a hint on what way the company will follow in the future while creating another smartwatches. Aiming at being a real fitness tracker the Touch Zero One comes closed in a waterproof body shell powered by a classic Swatch non-chargeable battery, promised to deliver months or even years of battery life.

Furthermore, the gadget, being stuffed with the multiplicity of health and fitness oriented sensors, can monitor the frequency of its user’s steps and hits. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that the device can distinguish between attack hits, low hits, high hits and fives thorough a game. A companion app processes your sport activity data and offers some coaching advices while rating you on a scale from beginner to a real professional.

What’s more, the Touch Zero One counts calories you have burned presenting your progress on special graphs based on days, weeks or months. Speaking of the mysterious ice cream icon visible on the watch’s screen, it may be something of a motivation marker since it starts to light up at the bottom and climbs to the top of the screen along with the user’s workout progress.

It’s not a secret that the Swatch Touch Zero One isn’t a serious rival with highly specced smartwatches like those belonging to top-tier Android Wear series or the forthcoming Apple Watch. Though the watch labeled with an affordable price tag of $159 together with the great number of workout monitor functions should draw attention of all sport enthusiasts, especially those loving beach volleyball.

Source: Swatch

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