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Sprint’s Galaxy S4 on sale under $100 on contract for new customers

ByinSales & Special Offers | July 29, 2013

Deal on Sprint Galaxy S4Amazon has Sprint’s Galaxy S4 on sale for $99 on contract for new customers. During this limited time promotion, customers who are open towards getting new contracts with Sprint are able to save $100.00 opposed to the $199.99 that the phone normally goes for. In addition to that, save money on Amazon’s free two day shipping when orders are placed before 3 pm EST Monday through Friday. If you fit the time frame, your order will arrive two days after order placement, which also means that time will be saved on waiting for the phone.

Deal on Sprint Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Sprint Galaxy S4Unfortunately, existing Sprint subscribers are not eligible to participate in the promotion. They will have to shell out the full $199 for the device. However, both, the new and existing customers, can take advantage of one more additional saving perk.

During this promotion the activation fee of $36 has been waived to zero. To sum up, the new Sprint customers are actually able to save $136 in total (phone + activation), plus shipping prices that vary depending on location. The top selling Galaxy S4 is available in either in White Frost and Black Mist.

As mentioned earlier, this limited time promotion is packed with great incentives: buy this phone and save a whopping amount for the premium device; save on activation, shipping, and receive all of these benefits in just two days. The offer runs until August 1st.

more info: Amazon

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