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Sprint will pay all your early termination fees and phone costs if you dump your carrier

ByinSales & Special Offers | March 15, 2015

Switch to Sprint

Want to switch from your current service provider, but you’re put off by early termination fees and phone costs you will have to cover when breaching the service provider contract? Well, there’s a good news for you since Sprint announced a special promo offer. The carrier promises to cover early termination fees and phone costs if you dump your carrier and move to Sprint. If you feel like this offer may interest you, stay with us because we’re going to check its every single detail.

Sprint will pay whatever it costs for you to switch.

Choose SprintSprint promises to pay whatever costs you owe to another carrier if you’re willing to cancel the contract and switch to Sprint. Furthermore, the carrier won’t only pay your early termination fees, but as well the remainder on your current handset’s installment plan. In other words, they will cover all your financial commitments no matter what is owned. Frankly speaking, the discussed offer sounds more than compelling, especially if you’re stuck with a device and services that no longer fit your needs.

When you decide to switch to Sprint, all you need to do is to bring your existing handset, your early termination fee bill and proof of remaining balance on the phone installment plane to the carrier. Then you will be asked to sign up for one of the carrier’s plan, including Sprint Easy Pay, iPhone for Life Plan, a Sprint Lease or simply to buy a phone belonging to Sprint list of offerings.

Additionally, customers are required to turn in their old phone in good working condition along with the bill they submitted. To make things even simpler, Sprint will send its future subscribers a prepaid return kit via mail. If you meet all those requirements, the carrier will grant you with a special American Express Reward Card with the pre-paid funds attached that will cover whatever costs you need to pay your current carrier as a result of the early termination of your contract.

Sprint said that the balance costs payment should be returned within 15 days after the switch. Although this is a limited-time offer, so far the carrier didn’t give us any specific expiry date regarding the promo. Anyone want to  switch to Sprint?

source: Sprint

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