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Sprint shutting down iDEN service tomorrow to free up spectrum for LTE network

ByinAnnouncements | June 29, 2013

SprintSprint has been warning about shutting down its iDEN network since 2010. A serious step was taken last year, when the carrier pulled all iDEN phones from its stores. Finally, iDEN service will cease to work on June 30, including even 911 calls. Sprint’s decision to shut down iDEN was dictated largely by the need to free up spectrum and cell towers for the carrier’s growing LTE network.

Sprint CDMA Direct Connect to replace iDEN

Sprint iDEN ToweriDEN is a push-to-talk network that became a part of Sprint’s offer after Nextel purchase. Originally begun by Motorola, the network is designed and licensed to operate on individual frequencies that may not be contiguous. While Sprint has not revealed how many subscribers are still on iDEN, the network at its peak was used by 6 million people in the US. The carrier has been sending notes to encourage iDEN subscribers to migrate to a different service.

As a part of its Network Vision plan Sprint is pushing its CDMA Direct Connect network which will replace iDEN. As senior vice president-Network, Bob Azzi, said „SprintDirect Connect is a gold standard in push-to-talk. It comes with the broadband capabilities that businesses and public safety pros need for business applications, social media, and future push-to-X capabilities on Sprint’s broadband CDMA network.”

Currently Sprint is offering four ragged devices running on Direct Connect: the Kyocera DuraMax, Kyocera DuraCore, Kyocera DuraPlus and Motorola Admiral. International Direct Connect expands the reach of push-to-talk capabilities to and from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile.

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