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Sprint lets customers upgrade to the latest iPhone at any time and launches “iPhone Forever” program

ByinSales & Special Offers | August 17, 2015

The most popular smartphone models are typically refreshed once a year. The carriers, however, allow their customers to upgrade every two years when the contract is over and that’s a major problem for users who like to stay on top and own the latest phone model on the market. Last year Sprint made an effort to meet subscribers’ needs and launched “iPhone for Life” program which allowed users to upgrade to a new iPhone every year. Today the carrier kicked off a new version of the program called “iPhone Forever” which lets customers upgrade to the latest iPhone at any time.

Sprint responds to T-Mobile and kicks off “iPhone Forever” program

iPhone 6
The Sprint’s new program is aimed at every user who is currently not using the latest iPhone. Thanks to the offer, if you want to have the iPhone 6 with 16GB of storage, you can grab it for just $22 per month. For a limited time, the carrier will offer the iPhone with a $7 discount that is for only $15 per month. Keep in mind though that the special price promotion ends on December 31st.

There doesn’t appear to be any limitation to the number of upgrades per year, so you can take advantage of the program twice before the end of the year – you can get the iPhone 6 at the promotional price now and upgrade it to a new model when it’s released, possibly next month, at the same price.

The new program, just like the old one, is based on a lease so you won’t actually own the iPhone. When you want to upgrade to a new model, you will have to trade in the one you are currently using. The “iPhone Forever” program is available for everyone, regardless of whether you are new or existing customer or want to switch from a different carrier. If you belong to the last group, Sprint offers to pay off your old phone and contract.

“iPhone Forever” appears to compete directly with T-Mobile’s move from last month that allows customer to upgrade to a new iPhone for $15 per month and get then next iPhone for free. “iPhone Forever” program may not offer free iPhones, but it’s still an interesting option for Apple fans who are on Sprint.

Sprint iPhone Forever

source: Sprint

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