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Sprint launches a phone, tablet and service bundle deal for $100 monthly

ByinSales & Special Offers | March 17, 2015

Sprint DevicesNowadays competition between the wireless carriers is so fierce that those who don’t fight for customers have little chance to survive. Some service providers sell the latest phones at heavily discounted prices, others offer one-of-a-kind cheap plans – all of these deals should attract new customers and keep existing subscribers. Sprint for example just launched phone, tablet and service bundle deal for only $100 monthly. And it’s not just any phone or tablet but we talk here about the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Tab 4.

Sprint bundles Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab 4 in $100 monthly plan

Samsung Galaxy S5Of course, as always, there are a few conditions customers will have to meet in order to get service for both devices at $100 monthly. To begin with, you will have to buy the Galaxy S5 or S5 Sport, which is also included in the deal, through Sprint Lease. The Galaxy Tab 4, on the other hand, needs to be purchased through Sprint Easy Pay. Neither option requires you to put any money down.

Wondering what exactly is included in the monthly cost? The Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S5 Sport will set you back $20, while the Galaxy Tab 4 will cost $12.50. Plan for the smartphone is priced at $60 and includes unlimited talk, text and data. Of course, the tablet needs data too – 2GB cost $30 per month.

Now you do a quick math and come to a conclusion that monthly cost is actually $122.50 not the promised $100. Here’s where Sprint’s special discounts come in – $12.50 bundle discount and $10 tablet Easy Pay promotion. Total cost – $100. The carrier says that the deal will let you save as much as $300 over two years as opposed to buying the devices separately. It’s not exactly a fortune but you can always put that money to good use.

It’s not the first time Sprint offered similar promotion. A while ago the carrier bundled the iPhone and iPad together. We don’t want to question Sprint’s motives but it seems like the carrier is trying to move some units before the Galaxy S6 hit the shelves which obviously will result in the S5 loosing some of its appeal. However, even with the S6 taking over as flagship phone, the Galaxy S5 is still one of the best handsets you can get today.

source: Sprint

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