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Sprint iPhone owners now can make Wi-Fi calls

ByinAnnouncements | April 9, 2015

SprintGood news for Sprint enthusiasts, the carrier just began offering Wi-Fi calls for iPhones’ users. The new feature enables Sprint subscribers to make phone calls via Wi-Fi network still using your phone number even if cellular signal is weak or none. The new service comes as result of the latest iOS 8.3 update released yesterday and Sprint consequently is the second US carrier in the US, after T-Mobile, giving their customers an opportunity to enjoy free Wi-Fi calls.

iPhones users on Sprint network are now able to make free Wi-Fi calls

Sprint iPhonesOver the following week, the iOS update is said to roll out to owners of the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as to the previous generations iPhones: 5S and 5C. If you have already downloaded the update and still don’t have the access to the Wi-Fi calls, there is no reason to be worry. All you have to do is to wait and be patient since Sprint promises to spread the functionality within a week so you will surely get it in the course of time.

Here are also some bad news. The new function sadly seems to be out of the bonds of Sprint subscribers using older versions of iPhones. Maybe it is a time to upgrade the handset? If so, here is a link to the best deals on iPhone 5S for Sprint and sales on iPhone 5C without contract.

Wi-Fi calling is something of an additional signal coverage, particularly important in the case when a regular cellular signal is out of your reach which happens often in dead zones, like densely built areas or basements. The Wi-Fi calls support will help the Sprint subscribers to have access to the carriers services putting an end to chats disturbed by a lack of signal.

In addition, another great benefit stemming from the function is the fact that Wi-Fi calls are free. It does not count your minutes or data limits, so all those with limited chat can from now on chat without fear of upcoming bills. What’s even more interesting all iPhone users anchored to Sprint will be able to take Wi-Fi calling abroad. The function has an international coverage, which means that you can make free calls to the US from over 200 countries.

The new iOS update makes the iPhones join the list of over 25 Sprint handsets supporting Wi-Fi calling service. According to the latest statements of AT&T and Verizon, both carriers are also going to launch the same service later this year.

source: Sprint

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