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Sprint Custom Branded Device Program for Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

ByinAnnouncements | March 20, 2013

Virgin BoostSprint announced today a new initiative, called Custom Branded Device Program, directed at its Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) like Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. As you probably know, these cheaper prepaid carriers sell phones under their own brand but use Sprint’s network to deliver the service. As Sprint explained in a press release, the program will grant its virtual operators “greater, and potentially quicker, access to a large selection of completely de-branded marquee Android handsets out of Sprint and boost mobile devices inventory with volume pricing included.”

Sprint Custom Branded Device Program

Sprint Discontinued iPhoneIn other words, the phones arriving to Mobile Virtual Network Operators will have no reference to Sprint whatsoever and will be free of any Sprint software. This leaves Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile with two choices. The perfect scenario assumes that the carriers will be selling the handsets exactly as they receive them, with no bloatware or overlays. This way customers would be able to use their phones in a manner that is available only to those who choose to buy unlocked models. On the other hand, the carriers could take advantage of the opportunity and customize the devices with their own branded apps and services through Sprint’s Mobile ID and Mobile Zone products.

As of now there are only three handsets available through the Custom Branded Device Program: LG Optimus G, LG Mach and Sprint Flash. However, Sprint promises that more devices will be added to the lineup by the end of this month.

more info: Sprint

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