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Sprint and T-Mobile offer deep discount the iPhone X if you trade in your smartphone

ByinAnnouncements | October 25, 2017

Sprint and T-Mobile shared a news that they are introducing a new promo on the iPhone X
With pre-orders on the iPhone X kicking off on October 27th, all US carriers are announcing deals on the Apple’s upcoming handset. Sprint and T-Mobile are no exception here. Both service providers recently shared a news that they are about to launch a new offer that will allow you to get iPhone X with an up to $350 discount if you trade in an eligible device.

T-Mobile and Sprint offer $350 off the iPhone X

Sprint offers a $350 discount on the iPhone X, while T-Mobile gives its customers a chance to buy it $300 cheaper. To take advantage of both promos, you need to trade in an eligible smartphone.

Sprint iPhone X offer

Pre-orders on the iPhone X will go live on Friday morning and Sprint is one of the very first carriers that shared details about the promo dedicated for potential iPhone X owners. The deal allows you to save up to $350 on the phone which normally will set you back $999. Although it seems like an incredibly tempting deal, it is not deprived of caveats.

Firstly, to benefit from the deal, you need to enroll for the Sprint’s Flex leasing program and trade in your existing smartphone. Secondly, the list of eligible devices is quite specific and includes: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Note 5, LG G5, G6 and V20, Google Pixel and Pixel XL, HTC U 11, Moto Z Droid, Z Play, Z2 Force, Z Force Droid, Z2 Play and the BlackBerry Keyone.

After trading-in your phone, you will be granted with a $350 discount which will slash the 64GB iPhone X price to the $649.68. When signing up for the Sprint’s lease, you will pay the iPhone X in 18 monthly payments each of $22.22. Afterwards you can trade in the phone to the carrier for a new lease and continue the program, or stay loyal to the iPhone X. If you choose the latter option, the remaining balance will be no longer a subject to the discount, which means that the last 6 monthly payments will increase again to $41.67. Doing a simple math the 18-month discount and 6 month of regular pricing account for the total of $649.68. What’s particularly interesting here is that the Sprint’s deal applies to both existing and new subscribers.

Finally, Sprint also announced that will offer a “best price guarantee” for the iPhone X purchase. In practice it means that if you find a deal selling the phone cheaper than Sprint within 14 days of the carrier’s lease activation or pre-order, you will get the difference back in the form of a Visa Prepaid Card.

T-Mobile gives its customers a $300 discount on the purchase of iPhone X
T-Mobile iPhone X offer

Moving on to T-Mobile offer, the Magenta carrier will also start to accept pre-orders on the iPhone X this Friday. It will sell the device for $279.88 down and $30 per month for the 64GB model, or $429.99 down and $30 per month for the 256GB version when you go the Equipment Installment Plan route.  In case you prefer the T-Mobile’s rental plan JUMP! On Demand, then the 64GB model may be yours for $41.56 per month, while the 256GB variant will cost you $429.99 down and $24 per month. No matter which option you will eventually choose, in both cases the 64GB model will cost you the total of $999.99, whereas for the 256GB version you will be charged $1,149.99.

Just like Sprint, the Un-carrier is also offering a special trade-in deal on the Apple iPhone X. However, the list of eligible devices is much shorter than the one published by Sprint and covers only iPhone 6 and newer models with the exception of the iPhone SE. If you own one of the listed models and want to trade-in for a rebate, you may get an up to $300 discount on the iPhone X purchase. It’s also worth noting that the iPhone X is subject to T-Mobile’s iPhone upgrade program. So, when your iPhone X is 50 percent paid off, you can simply exchange it for a newer model of the Apple’s smartphone and T-Mobile will wipe away the remaining payments.

Both deals seem to be of a limited time character. This means that if you’ve been seriously thinking of upgrading to the iPhone X, you’d better make a quick purchase decision as no one knows how long the discounts will last.

source: T-Mobile | Sprint

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