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Sprint All-in plan offers a phone and unlimited service for a flat rate $80 monthly, sounds good to be true? Where’s the catch?

ByinAnnouncements | July 1, 2015

ALLIN Plan by Sprint
Even though mobile operators try to simplify the process of buying new phones and plans, it’s still way too easy to get lost in annotations and fine print regulations. However, Sprint appears to have a remedy for that and is hoping it will attract customers who are tired of “confusing” price plans and all the hidden costs that come with their subscription. The carrier’s new All-in plan offers a phone and unlimited service for a flat rate $80 monthly. Sounds too good to be true? Wondering where’s the catch?

Sprint All-in Plan – Where’s the catch?

Sprint ALLIN
Let’s see. For $80 per month you will be getting a new phone together with unlimited talk, text and data. The price includes $60 worth of mobile service (calls, texts and data) and $20 for a smartphone. Actually, Sprint considers the phone a lease which means that at the end of the 24-month period users will be able to decide how they want to proceed – keep the phone and continue their monthly payments, buy the device or trade it in for a new model.

So far so good, however, there are a few details you should know about before you dive in. First off all, the choice of phones that go with this offer is quite limited. At the moment there are just three devices that can be paired with the All-in plan: the iPhone 6 (16GB), Galaxy S6 (32GB) and HTC One M9. Furthermore, users will have to pay an activation fee of $36. It’s a one-time payment, but still it bumps up the cost.

Moreover, if for some reason you want to leave the plan before the 24-month period ends, you will have to return your phone and pay the remainder of the lease period. Also, Sprint claims that all services, that is calling, texting and data are unlimited, but apparently it doesn’t include video streaming which will be limited to 3G speed. Finally, it’s unclear whether payments made through leasing will go toward financing the phone if you want to purchase it.

The idea of all-in plans is certainly worth exploring, but it obviously needs some work. In theory, the plan sounds like an awesome option, but in reality it may not be as great as Sprint wants us to believe. The carrier, however, seems to be very proud of its new offer and even teamed up with David Beckham to promote it. If, despite all the downsides, you think that you might benefit from the new plan and want to try it, keep in mind that it’s a limited time offer that expires on August 6th.

source: Sprint

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