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Sony’s hack reveals the Xperia Z4 “top secret” smartphone for the next James Bond movie

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 19, 2014

Xperia Z4 LeakRecently Sony seems to have too much on their plate. And things may be even worse, since the hacked Sony’s CEO emails unveiling Sony Xperia Z4 “top secret” smartphone details have just surfaced online. The leaked materials contain the phone’s render images, design details and its premiere date which were discussed in reference to the marketing campaign related with the next James Bond movie “Spectre”, whose script has also recently popped the net by the courtesy of North Korean hackers.

Sony Xperia Z4 James Bond’s Phone

Sony Xperia Z4 designThe leaked images are rumored to be a part of the more extended product placement campaign for the fourth generation of the Sony Xperia line. What sounds a bit odd, since practically speaking, the upcoming Xperia Z4 is a fifth generation of the line since we’ve already witnessed releases of the Xperia Z, Z1, Z2 and the latest Xperia Z3.

The renders present two very different designs, both carrying a pretty futuristic look. One model looks very familiar to the sporting mirrored body Z3, though the Z4 body has sharper edges and a resin frame. Second version of the phone features more streamlined body shape with rounded body and unprecedented soft semi-cushioned leather looking material covering the handset’s back. As for the power/lock key and volume rocker, they stay set on the phone’s right side just like in its predecessors.

Unfortunately, at this point we don’t know which version will be chosen for the final product, but we may clearly see that the company is working on a more fancy phone that will delight Hollywood and the public beyond it.

Additionally, the leaked materials are giving us the exact release date for the handset which is May or November, with the first one reserved for the debut of the regular size Xperia Z4 model and the latter referring to the premiere of its smaller Xperia Z4 compact version. So as you may see no big surprises at this point, since this information keeps in line with the company’s traditional launching policy timing.

If all these still isn’t enough for you, the leak reports that Sony is also working on launching a new wearable device whose promotion will also be a part of the 007 product placement campaign. Frankly speaking, its design doesn’t reveal whether the band would be a smartwatch, or rather a fitness focused gadget very similar to the Nike FuelBand. We surely learn more about the discussed today devices at the CES 2015 that takes place in January.

Sony Smartwatch

It’s not a secret that Sony’s smartphones though being competent have been uninspired which is reflected by the decreasing sale rates, perhaps more sophisticated design and product placement in fervently awaited “Spectre” will change this state of things. Time will show whether James Bond will help the upcoming Xperia to gain ground. Knowing how the Xperia Z4 will probably look like, another question pops out: whether the slate will sport high quality specs that even Q wouldn’t be ashamed of.

source: Gizmodo

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