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Sony Vaio Windows Phone 8 smartphones coming to the market this year

ByinLeaks & Rumors | January 12, 2014

Sony Phones with Windows OSFor a long time Nokia has been an indisputable leader in the market of smartphones powered by Windows Phone platform, but there are other companies that offer phones with Microsoft’s OS too. Lets take HTC and Samsung for example. One of the few manufacturers that have not yet jumped on the Windows Phone bandwagon is Sony, but that is about to change. It looks like the Japanese company is ready to move forward and start offering their customers alternative to Android phones as soon as this year.

Sony Vaio Windows Phone 8 Smartphones

Sony Windows PhoneIt is not the first time that we hear about Sony working on Windows Phone smartphone. Such rumors have been making rounds for a while and we have even seen images of prototype Sony Windows Phone already. None of them, however, managed to materialize. This time, however, is different, since the leak is much more than just a mere rumor.

The news comes from Microsoft’s Windows Phone director Greg Sullivan. Sullivan confirmed that as a result of an agreement between the two companies, Sony will be bringing its own Windows Phone smartphone this year, possibly by mid-2014. Moreover, Sony’s European mobile chief, Pierre Perron, said earlier this week that Sony is no longer satisfied with being “single OS manufacturer”, which suggests that company is looking for alternative to Android smartphones.

To distinguish the Widows Phone offering from the existing Xperia lineup, the device will be released under Vaio brand and most likely will be relying on the Sony proprietary services such as Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. There is no doubt that the agreement will be beneficial to both parties. Adding a new platform to its lineup of smartphones will help Sony to attract more customers. Partnering with one of major smartphone makers will also help Microsoft to reach further with its mobile OS. Having win-win situation the new Sony Vaio Windows Phone 8 found on shelves is just a matter of time.

source: GSM Arena / TechRadar

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