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Sony Smartwatch 3 with Sony’s very own OS may get official next month

ByinSmartwatches | August 14, 2014

Sony Smartwatch 2The wearable devices market constantly gain on interest, all counting on the market mobile manufacturers already launched or are to launch their own smartwatches. And now, if to believe the latest reports, Sony is preparing itself to add another device of this type to its list offerings. The sequel of Sony Smartwatch 2, the Smartwatch 3, is allegedly scheduled to make its big entrance during the IFA trade event next month. What’s even more interesting the company will supposedly run the Sony very own OS.

Sony Smartwatch 3 – What to expect.

Sony Smartwatch 2In terms of design the next Sony smartwatch strongly resembles its released a year ago predecessor the Sony Smartwatch 2. The watch is said to sport the same square display, but with greatly improved screen resolution. The display will be transflective, which not only makes the screen more easily readable in the sunlight, but also reduces consumption of battery power thanks to low need for backlight.

The smartwatch will be also tagged with IP57 certificate label, which makes it water and dust resistant. And even if you can’t dive with the device clung to your wrist, since it can be kept only in one meter deep water, you can wash your hands wearing it and don’t be afraid of rain. Those are pretty much everything that we may find in the Sony previous smartwatch model, but there will be also some new stuff added to the upcoming timepiece.

According to the Chinese Digi-Wo website (which is considered quite a reliable source of information), the Sony Smartwatch 3 will be equipped with wireless charging function and support Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables to use the device completely independently, without need to pair it up with a smartphone. But, the most innovative move is the fact that the company is reportedly said to resign from Android OS while launching the watch.

The lack of Android Wear in the Smartwatch 3 may help Sony to gain popularity on Chinese market, where majority of the Google services aren’t accessible. So, the Android Wear dependable device wouldn’t raise much interest there. On the other hand, this move doesn’t mean the end of cooperation between these two giants, since Sony doesn’t rule out the Google made OS in its future products, this it at least what they say in their official statements.

Sadly, we still don’t have any details concerning the further specs of the watch, like for example processor parameters. The upcoming IFA will verify all the rumors, but remember that until official announcement all unconfirmed information can’t be treated as hard facts. All these are nothing else but speculations, to learn hard facts we will have to wait to September 3.

source: Digi-Wo

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