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Sony Smart Eyeglass Developer Edition is available to order now

ByinSmartglasses | February 17, 2015

Sony SmartglassesSmartglasses are far less popular than smartwatches and nowhere near as popular as smartphones; however, like other smart devices, they hold huge attraction to tech enthusiasts. Smart glasses are a relatively new invention and for this reason demand for such devices is still pretty low, but it doesn’t discourage companies from releasing new smart eyewears. The market potential is huge. Probably the most well-known product so far is Google Glass but the market is about to get more crowded as Sony is also ready to join in the fun. The company’s SmartEyeglass Developer Edition is available for pre-order now.

Smart Eyeglass are now available at Sony’s website

Smart EyeGlassThe SmartEyeglass can be ordered from Sony’s website starting today in the UK and Germany and will be available also in the US, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden. The glasses cost $840 which is a little over a half of what Google asked for its Glass. The device will start shipping some time in March.

Like other smart glasses, the SmartEyeglass main function is to add an extra twist to your reality by displaying certain information on a transparent screen in the lenses. Depending on the app currently in use, the wearable can display step-by-step instructions for factory workers and mechanics, directions, game scores and many more.

The SmartEyeglass is equipped with accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, brightness sensor, microphone and noise suppression sub microphone as well as a 3-megapixel camera, NFC and Bluetooth 3.0. The battery is good for up to 150 minutes of continuous usage but drops to just 80 minutes when the camera is on. The wearable connects to your Android smartphone using wireless LAN and Bluetooth, however it also has a wired controller – not the most handy solution frankly speaking.

If everything goes as planned, consumer edition will go on sale next year. Hopefully, by then Sony will put some extra effort into redesigning the wearable because let’s be honest – right now the device is downright ugly. Even though functionality is more important than appearance, the SmartEyeglass chunky construction is rather unlikely to appeal to an average customer, even those who don’t care in the least about the latest trends in fashion.

source: Developer Sony Mobile

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