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Sony SmartEyeGlass coming to the market in the first quarter of 2015

ByinSmartglasses | September 21, 2014

Sony Smarteye GlassRecently, we could witness Sony struggling with reorganization of their mobile division aiming to stop further losses caused by low sales of the Xperia lineup devices. The company has decided to concentrate on the high-end market since they can’t compete with low-mid range devices and their prices offered by Chinese Xiaomi and Meizu. Apparently, Sony appears to be consistent with their decisions, since just this Friday the company announced the SmartEyeGlass, their own Google Glass’s rival. Although the gadget is in still in the prototype stage, the manufacturer says it will be released in the first quarter of 2015.

Sony SmartEyeGlass – What to expect.

Sony Smarteye GlassObviously, we don’t hear about the gadget for the first time. The SmartEyeGlass was introduced at this year World Mobile Congress, and just right now we get some more details concerning the device.

Despite being still in the testing phase, the Sony’s smartglasses are already able to connect with a variety of smartphones working on at least Android 4.1 version in order to provide it’s users with hologram-like images via its lenses. The SmartEyeGlass’s lenses are said to be 3 mm thick and feature the transparency rate of 85 percent. Furthermore, the gadget, due to its monochrome display, consumes far less energy than traditional color screen. Moreover, the display’s high luminance delivers clear readability, so the future users shouldn’t have problems with viewing in various environmental circumstances.

Going deeper, the Sony’s smartglasses are reported to be equipped with a package of sensors like for instance: a CMOS image sensor connected with a 3-megapixel camera (but the camera needs at least Android 4.3 to work properly), accelerometer, Gyroscope, electronic compass, brightness sensor, and microphone that due to the GPS technology used in paired smartphone can provide the user with all necessary information customized to the user’s specific circumstances.

In terms of software, Sony announced that the SmartEyeGlass won’t host the company’s own apps, instead the gadget will use the ones featured by a smartphone whit which it will be connected via Bluetooth. Sony also launched their dedicated software kit for developers on September 19th in order to enable them to create various scenarios in which the smartglasses can be used and to develop unique applications.

The SmartEyeGlass are allegedly scheduled to hit the market by the end of March 2015. Unfortunately, the company is still mum about the device’s pricing and availability.

source: Sony

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