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Sony introduces to the public the new PlayStation 4 console

ByinAnnouncements | June 11, 2013

Sony PlayStation 4We have been waiting to see how the Sony PlayStation 4 console looks like for the last four months. During its PlayStation 4 event back in February, Sony teased and touted its latest console, but curiously enough did not let us even take a glimpse at the device. Luckily, the company did not keep us in suspense for too long. The impatient wait is finally over with the console being officially introduced to the public in all its glory.

Sony PlayStation 4 Console – Overview

PS4With its minimalist design the PlayStation 4 looks nothing like its predecessor. The console is all black with just a thin strip of purple running around the device at three quarters of its height. The console seems to present itself better in an upright position, though it is also possible to use it in horizontal orientation. Both, Sony and PlayStation, logos are small and inconspicuous. The PlayStation 4’s austere angular design definitely makes it look like a serious piece of equipment.

Technical details have been revealed earlier this year, so here is a short recap of what we know. The PlayStation 4 is powered by an AMD chip with eight Jaguar cores and a Radeon graphics processor. The console offers 8 GB of fast GDDR5 RAM and a built-in 500GB hard drive for storage. There is also a 6x Blu-ray driver. A new DualShock 4 controller with a touch-sensitive surface and a Share button to upload game footage to various online services completes the picture together with Eye peripheral.

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