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How to shop online like a pro and get a free shipping

ByinTips & Guides | December 10, 2018

how to shop online and save on delivery
With never-ending lists of gifts we need to buy for this holidays, we start to look for some savings to make our budget suffer a bit less. We all surely agree that one of most irritating costs we have to pay when shopping online is a shipping fee that increases the overall costs of purchase quite noticeably. Therefore, getting a free delivery with all those online orders will be undoubtedly a smart way of reducing our holiday spending.

Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart offer free shipping services for this holiday season. Here’s a little know-how on how to shop online like a pro and save on delivery.

How to shop online like a pro
The good news is that big online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy offer free shipping services. However, in order to make use of it, you need to meet some requirements. To help you generate some savings while shopping for phones and other mobile handsets online, below we prepared a short guide on how to dodge shipping charges at all four major retailers.


One of the simplest ways of qualifying for free shipping on Amazon is to make a big enough order on qualified products. For instance, the retailer offers free delivery on orders on eligible books worth at least $25. Additionally, when spending $49 or more on qualified products, you will be offered a free shipping option at checkout. Naturally this is not the only way of making savings on free delivery at Amazon.

Signing up for Amazon Prime, which annual subscription costs $99, will also guarantee free shipping service. However, the free two-day delivery applies only to a large number of items and remember that it expires after 12 months. In case, you’re a college student, you can save up even more as you’re eligible for the Amazon Prime Student subscription. Amazon Prime Student costs only $49 and provides you with a year of free two-day shipping.

Note that if you in need for free delivery only for the holiday season, you can enroll for the Amazon Prime 3-month free trial (students can take advantage of the trial for 6 months). Then after the holiday season, when all yours orders will be delivered completely out of charge, you can cancel the subscription.

Best Buy

If Best Buy is the place you’re planning to shop for the Christmas gifts, then you’re the lucky one. The retailer has just announced free shipping services on all products. The promo last throughout December 24th and then returns to the regular pricing.

However, apart from the holiday season Best Buy also offers free shipping on particular products from time to time. The best way to make use of the service is to become a member of the My Best Buy rewards program. The subscription costs nothing and provides you with free two-day delivery applicable to tons of eligible items. Additionally, when shopping at Best Buy you may earn a point for each two bucks you spend, which later may be exchanged for gift certificates.

 Walmart offer free shipping services for this holiday season


Similar free shipping policy is offered by Target. Just like Best Buy Target also provides us with free holiday shipping promo. However, in this case the promo is available until January 1st, 2017. Big advantage of the program is that there’s no minimum sum of money you need to spend to benefit from free delivery and that Target will send orders to all 50 States completely out of charge.

If you want to have your order being sent for free outside the holidays, then the best way to achieve the goal is to enroll for one of the Target’s REDcards (Target Credit Card, Target Debit Card or Target MasterCard). No matter how annoying it may be, Targets offers free standard shipping to each order ( regardless of how much the purchased products are worth) to all customers using the company’s REDcards. In addition, Target also announces free shipping from time to time to all customers, but you need to be a really good bargain hunter to make us of the promo as it happens rather rarely.


No matter how complicated getting free shipping at Walmart may look like, everything depends on what you buy and for how much. To benefit from free delivery when shopping at Walmart, you simply have to spend at least $50 on one order and choose “value shipping” at checkout. Providing that you buy some of the select qualified items from the retailer’s offer, your purchase should be subject to free delivery service.

But note that you will have to wait six days for such an order. This means that Walmart’s free shipping option is good only for those who can wait for the purchase and won’t work in case of holiday gifts we tend to buy in a last-minute manner.

Equipped with our instructions, you should have no problem with saving up on free shipping while shopping online. Enjoy your shopping and may the purchased gifts light up faces of your family and friends this Christmas.

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