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How to set up your Android phone to call you when is lost or stolen

ByinTips & Guides | October 27, 2014

Device Manager on Android PhoneEveryone who had his smartphone stolen or lost know how stressful situation it is. But, Google appears to find a proper solution to the problem with launching an useful update to its Android Device Manager services. From now on your lost or stolen Android phone is able to call you that may greatly help with retrieving your smartphone. Feel interested in further details? Let’s see how it works in practice.

Google launches a handy function that can help to find your lost phone.

Android Phone ManagerSince Google failed with marketing the service, not everyone knows that Android has a built-in mechanism that locates and locks your stolen or lost phone, that is an integral part of the operating system since the Android 4.4 release. What’s more it can also work with older versions of the system, but you will have to install the free app. Today, the service becomes more advanced and smarter.

When your phone lands in someone else’s hand two things may happen. It may be another item in someone’s phone collection or it may be returned to you, if the person turns out to be a decent man. But even if someone wants to return the found phone to its owner, the task may appear to be too difficult to do. Since, when the phone is locked with a password, no one (except its original owner, of course) can use it in order to contact with the owner. Conscious of this ridiculous solution, Google put their effort to improve the service by adding new very convenient feature to the Android Device Manager.

The Web interface and app has been enriched in more options in the “lock” section. Previously, you can protect our phone by coding it with your own password, which of course may be some kind of protection, but only in the case when you don’t want any third party person to have access to your personal data.

Android Device ManagerFrom now on, you can use another handy function which enables you to leave a lockscreen message to a person who finds your phone along with the number via which the person may call you in order to return the device. As for the message you may text anything, even promise a reward for the found handset. Remember not to give any personal data in the message content, since you never know who could you deal with.

Once the emergency number is activated your phone finder can only press the big onscreen “call” button (the rest functions of your phone are still locked), or enter the correct password which is rather impossible. When they call you, you may thank the finder and set up how they can return the phone.

Even though you bought the Android phone with pre-installed locating function, you will have to update it in order to make the discussed service work on your device. If all these doesn’t calm your worries on losing your phone, and if you still feel unsafe about it, the only option that left you is to always leave your phone at home, then you can be certain that no one will ever put their hands on it.

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