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SecuSmart encrypted BlackBerry Z10 for government officials is now for sale

ByinAnnouncements | March 10, 2014

BlackberryIt seems that secure smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to recently launched Blackphone, Boeing Black and “Snowden” phone, another extra secure device is now offered to the public. The SecuSmart Encrypted BlackBerry Z10, which until now was available only for government officials, is now up for sale for regular customers. However, be prepared – the phone is not cheap. The handset will set you back a whopping 2,000 euros, that is an equivalent of $2,770. Chances are, however, that customers who are interested in such kind of device probably won’t be trading recipes but far more sensitive and valuable data, so it may be worth it.

SecuSmart BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

Merkel with BlackberrySecuSmart GmbH is a German company that tweaked the BlackBerry Z10 for German chancellor Angela Merkel after the National Security Agency was accused of recording government officials phone calls. The company is now offering its phone to a wider audience primarily targeting professional customer groups, such as bankers, lawyers, politicians and other individuals who for some reason are concerned about privacy of their calls.

The solution that SecuSmart uses is pretty simple in its essence and is based on providing additional secure memory to store confidential information in a protected environment. The company achieved this by implementing a chip into a special microSD card and integrating elliptic curve cryptography, certificate-based authentication of call participants, and 128 bit end-to-end AES encryption.

There is one downside, though. The security feature will work only if your conversational partner  use the same setup and a secure line. The feature won’t do much good if you call a regular phone.

According to SecuSmart CEO Hans-Christoph Quelle, each day more customers look for secure devices. That said, the company is planning to extend their products not only to companies but also to private customers who apparently are increasingly concerned about government spying on them. For now, SecuSmart offers only BlackBerry phones, however, in the future the company also plans to provide solutions for Android and Apple devices.

source: Bloomberg

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