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Secret Labs to launch Agent Smartwatch with Qi wireless charging and two processors

ByinSmartwatches | May 26, 2013

Smartwatch Wireless ChargingSmartwatches certainly are not nearly as popular as smartphones, but they are continuously gaining more and more fans. There are not too many manufacturers offering these little gadgets as of today, but the choice just got a little wider with Secret Labs introducing their smartwatch Agent. At first glance, the Agent seems to resemble the Pebble with its 1.28-inch Sharp display. What makes this device stand out is hidden inside, though.

Agent Smartwatch by Secret Labs

Agent SmartwatchSecret Labs implemented an innovative technology of using two processors for the purpose of better power management. The main processor is a 120 MHz ARM Cortex-M4, but since it is energy consuming, the chip is used only when needed. Basic tasks such as displaying the time are handled by a secondary processor. This allows for up to 7 days of battery life with its smart functions activated, or up to 30 days of standby in ‘watchface-only” mode. This is much longer than any other smartwatch offers these days.

The Agent features wireless Qi induction charging and comes with its own charging pad. The Qi standard is one of the most popular solutions, which means that the device should be compatible with charging pads from a variety of manufacturers. The smartwatch can be paired with iPhone 4S or newer, Android 2.3+ and Windows Phone 8. The device offers a few faces to display time, and such features as pushing notifications, showing the weather, acting as a pedometer and controlling music. The Agent uses Microsoft’s .NET runtime environment, which means that potentially it will be much easier to make apps, since programmers will be able to use C# and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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