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Savelli launches a luxury smartphone for women that blends fashion, jewelry and technology

ByinAnnouncements | July 2, 2013

Savelli PhonesThe luxury smartphone market is not very crowded yet, and in most part consists of gold-plated and/or diamond-encrusted variants of devices already being available. Take for example the HTC One or BlackBerry Q10, both with 24 carat gold plating. A Swiss company called Savelli, however, decided to create a phone of their own design aimed especially at women. Alessandro Savelli, the owner of the company, said „We wanted to create a shape that was feminine, curvaceous, but at the same time extremely modern” and sure he managed to do it so.

Savelli Luxury Android Smartphone

SavelliAs any other luxurious phone, the Savelli offering features only premium materials. The touch screen is made of sapphire glass, while the back is covered with exotic leathers such as blue ostrich, black alligator and pearly iguana. 18-carat rose gold, ceramic and precious Stones complete the picture. Ringtones were created by French DJ Stéphane Pompougnac. Except for the fact that the phone runs some version of Android, we know nothing more about the device in terms of hardware. Not that technical details would be especially important to potential users.

The phone will come in 11 different variants, all of them sporting fancy names such as Ardent Red or Diamond Night. The whole lineup will be introduced to the world at a party at the Musée Jacquemart-André on July 3. The device will go on sale later this month at such retailers as Printemps in Paris and Harrods in London. Pricing will vary from about $9,000 for the cheapest model to a crazy $118,000 for the most expensive version called Black Insane.

more info: WWD

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