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Samsung will offer Galaxy Note 8 at half price for some Galaxy Note 7 owners

ByinAnnouncements | October 24, 2016

Samsung announced that will offer the Galaxy Note 8 with a massive discount
One of the most anticipated phablets of this year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, unexpectedly turned into the biggest flaw. It’s not even that the phone had some glitch in the software or specs weaker than expected. It was far worse than that – the device was dangerous to use which resulted in global recall of the handset. It was responsible and the only possible move but one that Note 7 users are not likely to forget soon. However, the company is not giving up that easily and just announced that will offer the Galaxy Note 8 at half the price for some Galaxy Note 7 owners.

Samsung will offer Galaxy Note 8 at half price

Disappointed that you had to return your Galaxy Note 7 to store? Cheer up, you might be able to grab the Note 8 with a massive discount.

Earlier today Samsung issued a statement in which the company promised that some Galaxy Note 7 owners will be able to grab the Galaxy Note 8 or alternatively S8 for half of their regular price. In order to do that, however, users will have to follow a few simple steps. First they have to trade in their Note 7 phablets for either the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Normally, 24 monthly payments are required before an upgrade to a new model, however, in this case users will be able to do so after only 12 payments, that is half the price. Of course, upgrade to the Note 8 or S8 will be free of any charge.

Great news is that users who already traded in their Note 7s are also eligible for the deal. In order to be able to get the Note 8 or S8 for half the price when they are launched next year, users have to join Samsung’s upgrade program. They have time until November 30, however, it seems that the manufacturer is still working out the details with carriers and vendors. The deal will be available only in Samsung home market, South Korea, at least for the time being. Users in other markets, though, can expect similar offers but whether such offers will be available in a particular country and in which form will depend on “the situation in each country.”

Galaxy Note 7 recall cost Samsung lots on money, nerves and probably a few customers, but there’s something else at stake – reputation, which the company is not ready to lose and is fighting hard. Whether it will succeed will depend on how forgiving Samsung customers are and how willing they are to trust the Korean manufacturer again. Today’s announcement proved one more thing – that the speculations about the end of the Galaxy Note series were not true, as apparently there will be a Note 8 next year.

source: Samsung News

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