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Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 with curved display only

ByinLeaks & Rumors | September 11, 2016

Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 with curved display only

Although this is only the second generation of Samsung’s flagship smartphones that received the Edge screen model, its popularity is so high that the company started to think whether it is reasonable to launch a flat-screen model next year. Quite shockingly, the Galaxy S8 may debut as an edge-screen model only, as both customers and reviewers started to value the new eye-catching and highly functional design over the traditional one.

Galaxy S8 will debut as an edge-screen device only

Galaxy S8 may debut next year as an edge-screen device only. Although there will be no flat-screen version the phone will be available in two sizes: 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch.

At the time when Samsung decided to take a risk and release an innovative edge-screen model of the Galaxy S6, everyone though that it was just a one year adventure. Reviewers called it a tricky gimmick, while customers questioned its utility. No one believed that it can have any future. Therefore, we all are quite surprised reading that the Galaxy S7 Edge sales beats those of its smaller standard sibling. The secret of the device’s big success is surely its advanced functionality and attractive, futuristic look.

No wonder then that the South Korean mobile manufacturer decided to drop the idea of a flat screen display. If to believe recent rumors coming from the source close to the company, the Samsung upcoming flagship smartphone may come as the manufacturer’s only child. The same rumor claims, however, that the Galaxy S8 will be accessible in two different sizes: 51.-inch and 5.5-inch. The bigger one will quite possibly receive the “Plus” moniker.

Even though there are other phones that feature curved screen technology, they don’t deliver the Galaxy Edge functionality as only Samsung’s phone offers display technology that is curved beneath the glass layer. In many cases rounded screen is applied only to enrich the handset appearance, giving it more sleek look.

Unlike the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 earlier, the Galaxy S8 will most probably debut as a curved-display device. This rumor stays in line with Samsung’s earlier announcement stating that the company wants to make the edge-screen an identity of the line. Time will tell whether Samsung’s move will translate to profits.

source: Korea Herald

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