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Samsung Tizen phones to absorb best Bada OS features

ByinAnnouncements | February 27, 2013

Bada PhonesLast month we wrote about Tizen, a new operating system for mobile devices developed by Samsung and Intel with cooperation from other companies. The system is a version of Linux and will be an alternative for Android platform. It was speculated that the new OS came as a result of Samsung trying to distance itself from Android, perhaps in fear that a successful launch of the Motorola X by Google could hurt the company’s current status as Android‘s favorite brand.

Samsung Tizen Phones vs. Bada OS

Samsung Tizen PhoneLast month, it was also said that Tizen will merge with Samsung’s feature phone-friendly Bada OS, but now it looks like the plans have changed. Yesterday, Hong Won-pyo, the president of Samsung’s Media Solutions Center, announced that Bada is no longer adequate for today’s modern smartphones and the merger will not take place. Instead, the new OS will absorb Bada’s best features and as soon as Tizen phones launch, the latter will cease to exist.

This should happen by the end of this year since Samsung is planning to release its first Tizen powered handset in the second half of 2013. When the process is complete, Tizen phones will be able to run apps designed for Bada, but those with a Bada phone will not be able to update to Tizen. So, who is waiting for the new operating system to arrive?

source: The Verge

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