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Samsung sets to launch another dual-screen flip Android smartphone, called the Galaxy Golden 2

ByinLeaks & Rumors | October 18, 2014

Galaxy GoldenIt’s highly probable that some of you might not hear of the Galaxy Golden, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, since the handset is exclusively the Asian market’s product. The recently leaked user guide leaves no shadow of a doubt, the clamshell Android smartphone is now going to have its successor called the Galaxy Golden 2. Unlike many other clamshell phones, the upcoming Samsung’s flip smartphone is said do feature dual screen and pretty high-end specs.

Samsung Galaxy Golden 2 SM-W2015 Android Smartphone

Galaxy Golden 2 ManualThe mentioned user manual for the Galaxy Golden 2 popped online recently, unveiling the phone’s specification. In comparison to its predecessor, the phone received a big portion of improved hardware, including better quality displays. So, every future user of the Galaxy Golden 2 will get two 4.6-inch Super AMOLED displays (one on the outer shell, second one located above the physical keyboard) featuring 1280x768p of resolution. There will be also a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor complete with Adreno 330 GPU and paired with 2GB RAM.

Just like the well-known Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, the new Galaxy Golden 2 allegedly sports a 16-megapixel main camera that is capable to record 2160p 4K video. However, at these point, we still don’t have any official information so as to the handset’s camera sensor used by the manufacturer. Of course, the 16-megapixel shooter isn’t the only camera on the Galaxy Golden 2’s board, there will be also a front facing 2-megapixel camera.

Going further into the specs, the device is said to go on sale with two micro-SIM card slots, and is pretty sure to support standard connectivity options like for instance Wi-Fi, A-GPS and a microUSB port. Unfortunately, there is no information about the phone’s built-in storage and battery capacity.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Golden 2 will be launched in China via the China Telecom. Samsung keeps mum about their plans to release the device outside the Chinese market boundaries. But, since the Galaxy Golden was made available in its homeland market Korea, its running Android 4.4 successor is highly probable to hit the Korean market just as well. On the other hand Samsung doesn’t believe that western countries consumers may be interested in clamshell phones, which means that there are hardly no chances to see the phone being introduced to western market.

Will you regret not to be given the opportunity to put your hands on this high-end flip smartphone if it really turns out that it’s exclusively Asian market offering?

source: Samsung

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