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Samsung SCH-435 may be the Galaxy S4 Mini for Verizon Wireless

ByinLeaks & Rumors | June 18, 2013

Galaxy S 4Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 Mini a couple of weeks ago. While the company was quite generous about the phone’s specs and features, it skipped details about either availability or pricing. Actually, we still have no solid news in this respect, but the veil of secrecy might have just lifted a little bit. A mysterious Samsung SCH-435, which could be the Galaxy S4 Mini, has just paid a visit to Bluetooth SIG and left us with a clue or two about a carrier that could possibly offer the device in the US.

Samsung SCH-435 for Verizon Wireless

Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S4 MiniFirst of all the mysterious phone is destined for North America, which is rather conspicuously stated in the “Geographic Availability” info. Moreover, the device comes with a model number SCH-435.

As you may know, the SCH model designation is traditionally reserved for Verizon Wireless. For example, the Galaxy S3 is called the SCH-I535 while the Galaxy S4 is called the SCH-I545. Also it appears that the 500-level is given to a flagship smartphone. It would be only logical that the 400-level would position the phone a notch lower.

Putting all the pieces together, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini seems to fit the bill perfectly. Or we could be looking at an entirely different device, like for instance a follow-up to the Stratosphere 2. Make sure you have a pinch of salt by your side when you ponder on the new. After all, at this point it is nothing more than pure speculation.

source: Bluetooth

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