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Samsung S-View wireless charging cover for Galaxy Note 3 is now for sale priced at $69.99

ByinAnnouncements | December 29, 2013

Galaxy Note 3 wireless chargerWhen the first phone featuring wireless charging was introduced, many thought – is it really necessary? What is wrong with good old cables, anyway? However, with more and more phones packing wireless charging it turned out that this feature is actually quite useful. Wireless charging is not magic, though, and does not mean that you will be able to charge your phone by just snapping your fingers. You still need a charging pad plugged to a socket, but it goes without saying that it is much more convenient that having to fiddle with cables every time you want to use the phone.

Samsung S-View wireless charging cover

Samsung S ViewThe more popular wireless charging becomes, the more creative manufacturers are, trying to combine this feature with other nifty functions. As a result pretty cool gadgets emerge, like for example the wireless charging S-View Flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The cover costs $69.99 and comes in black and white color options. For the cover to fully serve its purpose you will also need a charging pad, which costs another $30-$40, adding to a total of about $100 extra.

As the name suggest, the accessory provides the protection of your typical S-View Flip cover and the functionality of wireless charging. The case is made of polyurethane leather and protects the back as well as the front panel of your Galaxy Note 3. The cover has a window that allows you to see the date and time on the home screen and swipe to other screens and menus, as well as check notifications and alerts. The wireless charging S-View Flip cover works with any Qi-compatible charging pad.

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