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Samsung is bringing T-Mobile the largest phone any carrier has ever carried

ByinLeaks & Rumors | June 1, 2014

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4If you thought that the recently leaked Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0 was insanely big, well… you might be surprised. We just got tipped of an even more sizable phone, also made by guys over at Samsung. It looks like the Korean company is bringing T-Mobile the largest phone any carrier has ever carried – the 8.4-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4. No, it’s not a typo and no, it’s not a joke. The Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 does exist and it was even caught on camera.

Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 T-Mobile Phone

Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4The name and the size screams tablet, but the device has an earpiece which clearly makes it a phone, although enormous one. According to the latest report, the device will make an appearance on T-Mobile in the not so distant future. The same source claims that a Wi-Fi only model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 is already available in the US.

The device will show up in T-Mobile stores with a few new apps on board that are not pre-loaded on previously released Samsung tablets and smartphones. The new apps include WebEx (for business), Remote PC, and Activity Zone (for fitness). No details regarding the Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 hardware, for example the processor, RAM, storage, camera, etc. are available at the moment but stay tuned.

The Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 is expected to join T-Mobile rather modest portfolio of Samsung tablets and mode generous team of smartphones. With the size of a tablet and functionality of a smartphone, it will sit somewhere in between these two categories.

source: TK Tech News

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