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Samsung confirmed Golden Brown and Golden Pink Galaxy S4 Smartphones

ByinAnnouncements | September 27, 2013

Galaxy S4 Black GoldCompetition among the most important smartphone makers, like Apple and Samsung, is fierce and is becoming more and more noticeable in various tiers of the market, from mainstream to the most luxurious. Speaking of the latter, not even a week after a gold plated iPhone 5s appeared in one of the stores, Samsung practically confirmed a special gold edition of its Galaxy S4 flagship phone. The company spread the word via its Twitter account and even included a photo of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Golden Edition

Golden Galaxy S4The manufacturer revealed that a golden version of the Galaxy S4 was already available in stores on September 8th. The special edition Galaxy S4 will be available in two versions golden brown and golden pink. The image shows only the front panel and one side of the handset, which appears to be covered in golden coating.

Since there is no view of the back plate, we cannot be 100 percent sure if it is also golden or uses typical material. The fact that the back is hidden rises some doubts, but let’s not read too much into this for now.

The phone will be launched in the United Arab Emirates area, which seems logical, considering that gold is one of the favorite embellishment out there. No technical details are available at the moment, so it is unclear if the Golden Edition Galaxy S4 packs the same specs at the original. We will get back to you when we know more.

source: Twitter via The Verge

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