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Samsung Godiva may come to Verizon Wireless as a successor of the Stratosphere 2

ByinLeaks & Rumors | January 14, 2013

Verizon WirelessNowadays it is not easy to keep an upcoming device from curious eyes, especially when specs for yet-to-be-announced handsets are often revealed in benchmark results. Take for example the mysterious Samsung SCH-I425, codenamed Godiva, which appeared in the GLBenchmark database. We now know quite a few details including the carrier the handset will be heading to, which is Verizon Wireless.

Samsung Godiva – What do we know so far

Stratosphere 2 may have a successor soonAccording the report, the Samsung Godivia will feature a screen with a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, however, of an unknown size, and will run Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. According to the results, there will be 1.4 GHz MSM8960 SoC processor driving the Godiva, but the presence of Adreno 305 for graphics suggests that the chip might actually be different, but undoubtedly will belong to the Snapdragon S4 family. The Godiva will also support Verizon’s 4 LTE network.

These are the fact, but of course there are also speculations. The model number hints that the Godiva may be a successor to the Stratosphere 2, and indeed there appears to be a pattern in the model names. Since the first generation Stratosphere was also known as the SCH-I405 and the Stratosphere II had a model name SCH-I415, it seems reasonable to assume that the SCH-I425 could be a Stratosphere 3. If it is true, it would mean that Verizon could soon start offering a mid-range Android smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard.

source: GLBenchmark

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