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Samsung Gear Glass to be launched as Gear Blink in March 2015

ByinSmartglasses | September 12, 2014

Samsung Gear Blink/GlassIt isn’t a huge surprise that Samsung is working on a pair of smartglasses, since rumor on it have been present on the net for months. To tell more, we even expected them to showcase the Gear Glass during this year IFA, but sadly it didn’t happen. But, today we got leaks saying that the first Samsung smartglasses will be launched as Gear Blink in March 2015.

Samsung Gear Blink aka Gear Glass

Samsung Gear Blink/GlassThe running Samsung-made Tizen OS Gear Blink is said to compete with Google Glass, but instead of being niche market offering, the new wearable is reported to be a product targeted at mass market. It may be a hard nut to crack for Samsung to succeed with their plans, firstly because smartglasses are considered odd and hugely controversial, especially when compared with smartphones, secondly because they will have to fight with strong Google and Android tandem that so far have monopoly in this sector.

Unfortunately, we still know little about the device. But we can be sure that Samsung will have a great opportunity to introduce their so far unapplied but patented technologies. Like for example keyboard virtually displayed on one’s palm.

Samsung Gear Blink/GlassThe recent leaks from the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) refers to a technology codnamed 4020140033123 that appears in patent certification documents concerning a special virtual keyboard.

The discussed keyboard will be reportedly projected on the future user’s palm and be viewed via the Gear Blink thanks to the use of augmented reality, in other words you will be able to literally write in the air. Additionally, you will be able to see a QWERTY keyboard or its compact T9 version. Of course, your palm is too small to display the full QWERTY keyboard so you will probably have to tap an appropriate section to select a letter.

Even if some of you consider it alien, such an input will be definitely highly convenient form of answering text messages.

As it comes to design, Samsung doesn’t want to publish any renders presenting how the Gear Blink will look like. But there are some voices suggesting that the wearable device will be resembling the Google Glass design with the small screen positioned above your eye.

No matter how revolutionary the device may look like, we shouldn’t get too excited since it often happens that technologies unveiled in patent documentation don’t end up as complete product.

Once again, the Gear Blink is scheduled to be announced in the first quarter of 2015, so it is highly probable that the gadget’s premiere will coincide with unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6, just like it happened in the case of the Galaxy Note 4 and Gear VR.

source: TizenExperts

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