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Barnes & Noble teases its Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook in a promotional video

ByinTablets | August 15, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NookIt looks like Barnes & Noble tries to find the solution for their economic problems. Since Barnes & Nobles Media sales are reported to be in steady decline, the company, in order to save some money, resigned form its own homegrown line of the Nook tables and asked Samsung to revamp its Galaxy Tab 4 with the bookseller-made software called Nook. Today’s morning the company started to tease its prospective customers with a new promotional video on the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. Let’s take a closer look on the video and the new slate.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook to feature Barnes & Noble software

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NookSadly the video doesn’t give us any further details on the Galaxy Note 4 Nook’s specs and price. The only thing we learn from it is that this 7-inch tablet will be equipped with the Barnes & Noble software, which wasn’t a great mystery even before the promotional video has been launched.

The discussed video instead on parameters focuses on people’s reaction to the device. The people on the Barnes & Noble video manifest their delight that they can read on the device, just as if they couldn’t do it on any other tablet with installed free NOOK app.

Watching the material you may have a strange sense of déjà vu, since the company uses some well-known elements of the Amazon’s Fire Phone promotional campaign. Being bore strictly, the video appears to be the copy of the Amazon’s teaser, but the poor quality one. Since, there is no effect of surprising, and although we see only the back side of the device nothing more, not even the interface of the software, we exactly know what kind of a device the video shows us.

The difference between these two mentioned promotional videos is that the Amazon presented a group of people that were impressed by the new feature of the phone (which just to refresh your memory, was the 3D effect) without telling us directly what was they were reacting to.

In addition, to make the video more convincing, the bookseller recruited Grumpy Cat to disapprovingly review their upcoming product. Grumpy Cat labeled the new tablet with “I don’t hate it” tag, which maybe doesn’t sound like a disapproval but simultaneously isn’t enough inviting opinion, don’t you think?

It appears as if the company have neither good marketing policy nor sufficient funds they can spare on creating the promotional video, which won’t stay in our mind for long, unless as a classic example of how not to do a successful promotional video.

The new Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is set up to be officially unveiled next week in New York. It’s pretty obvious that Barnes & Noble put all their effort to evoke excitement about their new device. But, it will be pretty difficult to raise interest with a device that is quite well-know on the market. Since April, everyone can put their hands on the Galaxy Tab 4 with 1280×800 pixel resolution screen that run the Android 4.4 out of box for something round $200.

Concluding, it looks as if the company have neither a good marketing policy nor appropriate funds they can spare on creating the promotional video, which won’t stay in our mind for long, unless as a classic example of how not to do a successful promotional video.

So, the Barnes & Noble version of widely known tablet must house some new high-tech specs or completely astonishing apps and lower price tag to become successful; otherwise, it won’t get much attention since it will be nothing more than just another decent tablet appearing on the very competitive market.

source: Digital Reader

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