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Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with 16-megapixel camera, first rumors and speculations

ByinLeaks & Rumors | August 27, 2013

Galaxy S IV CameraIt was not that long ago that we slobbered over the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the next generation of this awesome device is already in the works. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to show its pretty face to the world next year around the same time as the Galaxy S4 did this year. The big day is still months away, but details already began to leak. The Galaxy S5 has been mentioned a few times, however, what we have today is not some wild speculation or out-of-the-blue rumor, but a reliable report coming straight from South Korea’s Electronic Times News.

Galaxy S5 first rumors and speculations

Samsung LensThe report talks in great detail about the camera Samsung is planning to use in its 2014 flagship smartphone. Apparently, the company is going to equip the Galaxy S5 with a 16-megapixel sensor. Those 16 megapixels are not that much of an innovation, but it looks like the camera will also feature optical image stabilization, and this is a rare feature in a phone camera. As of now, the only Samsung’s smartphone coming with optical image stabilization is the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Such enhancement in the next generation Galaxy S phone will certainly be a welcome update.

The report reveals that the new camera module is expected to be ready by the end of this year. If everything goes as planned, test in devices will be scheduled for the beginning of 2014. At first, the OIS function was intended for the Galaxy Note III. However, as a result of some issues with parts supply, Samsung was forced to change its plans.

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