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Samsung Galaxy S4 website tips Galaxy Note III to come with 6.3-inch display

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 17, 2013

Galaxy Note II by SamsungWe have heard various rumors about possible screen size of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III in the past few weeks. Some sources claimed it would measure generous 5.9 inches, others talked about more impressive 6.3 inches. Right now, the latter seems a little more probable, especially since Samsung itself kind of confirmed it. If by “confirm” you understand an official announcement, then of course it is not what happened. The hint was much more subtle this time.

Samsung hints the size of the next Galaxy Note

Samsung Game PadAs you probably know, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled this week and the handset has its own microsite. You can read a little about the design and enjoy photos in the gallery, but what interests us most is in the accessories, the Game Pad to be more exact. The short product description says that the Game Pad is compatible with screen sizes between 4 and 6.3 inches. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? What is even more interesting, is that the biggest smartphone currently offered by Samsung is the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II, so it clearly suggests that the company is working on something way bigger.

Whether it was intentional or more of a slip on Samsung’s part, we probably will not know for at least another few weeks or even months. There is also a possibility that it was just a coincidence, a theoretical maximum, being the result of Samsung’s prospective thinking and it has nothing to do with the Galaxy Note III screen size. But there is nothing wrong in being hopeful, right?

source: Samsung

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