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Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives to T-Mobile and the price is not cheap. However, here is something to consider…

ByinNew Phones | June 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives to T-Mobile and the price is not cheap. However, here is something to consider...
T-Mobile has officially began selling the flagship Android smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the prices are quite different from the rest of the US major carriers selling the same model. While Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all charge $199 for the 16GB SGSIII device, the T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB can be yours at $279 with 2 year contract and after $50 mail-rebate. The Galaxy S3 32GB will cost you $50 extra so you may consider expand memory by simply buying 16GB microSD card which is way cheaper. See details below.
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 | Cheap Phones

Deal on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB

Full Retail Price $629.99
2 Year Contract Discount -$300.00
Mail-in Rebate -$50.00
Final PRICE $279.99

Is T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 the most expensive or the cheapest in long run…

Although, the price 279.99 for Galaxy S3 is not impressive at all, and may discourage some T-Mobile subscribers to upgrade the contract for the next 2 year just to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 at $199, here is calculation to consider while switching to other carriers. How much will device cost over all 2 years of service? Does using Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile network is the most expensive option or maybe the cheapest? All we know that T-Mobile’s plans are one of the most competitively priced among the major carriers Today. So, lets do the math.

2 Year cost of Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T network: Galaxy S3 price: $199.99 + unlimited minutes: $69.99/month + text: $20/month and 5GB data $50/month = $3559.75. Monthly cost of having Galaxy S3 on AT&T – $148.32/month.

2 Year cost of Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint network: Galaxy S3 price: $199.99 + unlimited talk, text and data: $109.99/month = $2839.75. Monthly cost of having Galaxy S3 on Sprint – $118.32/month.

2 Year cost of Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon network… we all know that the largest US carrier does not belong to the cheapest services so due to respect we will skip calculation here.

Finally, 2 Year cost of Samsung Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile network: Galaxy S3 price: $279.99 + unlimited minutes, text and 5GB data ($74.99/month) + Equipment Installment Plan ($20/month) = $2559.75. Monthly cost of having Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile – $106.66/month.

According to the above it looks like, that despite unfortunate price of the device, the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 in 2 year run is the cheapest one. Maybe you should consider this before you switch to AT&T because this move will cost you extra $41.66 per month.

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12 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives to T-Mobile and the price is not cheap. However, here is something to consider…”

  1. Just spotted Samsung Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile for $199.

  2. The article incorrectly states the upfront cost for the Galaxy SIII on a T-Mobile value plan. The device is $229.99 to walk out the door with no mail-in rebate on the plan calculation you have listed here. A classic plan for $95/month and no EIP is $279.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

    If this article wasn’t strickly a price comparison I would overlook a $50 error but then in your monthly calculation you have it shown that the EIP is for 24 months when that is only for 20 months. Making your 24 month $80 higher than what it actually is on the EIP end of things.

    Total miscalculation: $130 over the actual price.

    Total 2 year price: $2429.99

    Total cost per month over 2 years: $101.25

    You were off by $5.41 a month. I suggest you double check your facts next time. Otherwise it invalidates the facts that you presented about other carriers which I am less familiar with.

  3. I was curious to see Verizon’s prices on the same table. Why didn’t you lay all the cards on the table? Also, why is there a $20 EIP cost in addition to the $279?

  4. I used to have a 2 year contract with ATT at $39.99 a month with 450 minutes. About a little more than a year after signing up, I purchased a Smartphone and popped in my ATT simcard so I can use it with Wifi at home and work. Att somehow found out that I was using a smartphone, and automatically charged me an additional $25 dollars a month for their data service. I called ATT and was told that was their policy. I told them that this was B.S and that I didn’t sign up for this, and this wasn’t in my contract. They told me there was nothing they could do, I had to have the data plan and again they emphasized that it was their policy. A week later, I called them back and terminated my contract. I went to Tmobile with the pay as you go plan and would never look back. I am sad that, living in American, there’s still some company out there that can legally(by their own assumption) force you to pay them more without your will, but on the other hand, I am glad that I also have the freedom to give them the finger and left without ever looking back. I am sure someone who is in the situation like me can sue them and win.

  5. Garry Jarrett on June 22, 2012 @ 9:55 am

    If I pay the full no contract price ($629.99) will I get the $50 mail in rebate?

    • It should be, however, there is no option to buy the device without contract at T-Mobile online store. At least I couldn’t locate it. Once you add the Galaxy S III to cart, you are ‘forced’ to pick a plan.

  6. Why not just get the Classic plan with less data and skip the 20 dollars a month installment fee?


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