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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumored to sport a 5.9-inch razor sharp 4K display

ByinLeaks & Rumors | November 9, 2014

SamsungIt’s been only few days since the US customers were able to put their hands on the astonishing Galaxy Note 4, but its seems to be never too early for Samsung to start working on something even greater. Recent leaks suggest that the  Korean manufacturer is preparing to produce a 5.9-inch razor sharp display with a mouth-watering pixel density of 746ppi. Since the production is rumored to start next August, everything implies that the Galaxy Note 5 will be the first handset to introduce the 4K screen resolution to the phablet sector.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 display may offer twice more pixel density than the iPhone 6

Higher ResolutionIt’s not a mystery that Samsung is trying to invent a super high pixel density display that may be applied in mass production of smartphones. In their last year’s Analyst Days presentation the company showed they’ve been working on the UHD 2160×3840 AMOLED screens for mobiles. Earlier this year, the manufacturer proved they didn’t give up their plans and that their first super high-resolution phone display will be soon ready to be introduced to the market. However, those resolution were dubbed the “diamond pixel” resolution, which was a name for unorthodox pixel matrix arrangement, so no exact numbers were mentioned then. All these facts back up the latest rumor concerning the Galaxy Note 5’s super sharp display.

4K display vs 1080pIf everything goes according to the plan, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will feature a 5.9-inch Ultra HD Super AMOLED display featuring pixel density of 746ppi which doubles the pixel density of the best-selling iPhone 6. Considering all he rumors on Samsung’s decreasing profits, it seems reasonable for the company to surprise the world with something completely unprecedented. The thing is that Samsung has to bring something fresh to the smartphone offer if they want to receive as much attention as the latest iPhone. Especially, when other big manufactures like LG also mention releasing phones with 600ppi or even 700ppi screen pixel density, so Samsung in order to beat them all has to come with something larger that that.

The Note’s razor sharp 4K technology is the same solution that may be currently found in 4K TV sets. Just to refresh your memory, the this year’s Galaxy Note 4 sports ‘only’ 2K display, just like the famous Nexus 6. So, the leap to the pixel density rating at the level of 746ppi will be a big step ahead. Other that that, it would be also a great idea to improve the screen body ratio parameter in feature Note flagship, since such a great resolution requires to be viewed on an appropriately big screen which would make the large in terms of screen Note lineup even larger. Sadly, other tech specs are still unknown, but what about the Snapdragon 810 processor? Everything suggests it should be ready by the Galaxy Note 5’s premiere.

If the rumors appear to be true, we may expect to see the Galaxy Note 5 and its super sharp resolution at the IFA trade show 2015. We should remember that until the official announcement everything’s just plain speculation. But, if the 746ppi displays are to be introduced to the mobile market, Samsung is highly probable to do it first.

source: Phone Arena

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