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Samsung Galaxy Alpha live photos leak exposing smaller handset in metal frame

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy AlphaThe Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which was previously known as the Galaxy F and the Galaxy S5 Prime, has been leaking out rather frequently recently. Initially it was believed to be a more premium version of the already high-end Galaxy S5, but the latest report seems to deny that assumption. In fact, the Galaxy Alpha appears to be in no way related to the Galaxy S5 and it actually might be the first member of Samsung’s new lineup. The phone has leaked out again this time in live photos exposing smaller handset in metal frame.

The Galaxy Alpha could be a member of Samsung’s new lineup?

Samsung Galaxy AlphaCuriously, the leaked photos paint a picture of a device that is more reminiscent of the upcoming iPhone 6 than traditional Galaxy design language. It will have slim side bezels, though top and bottom seem quite thick. As a result, the device will be more rectangular than the Galaxy S5. A big surprise is the 4.7-inch screen. Not only it is smaller than expected but it will also offer just HD resolution. That said, the phone seems to sport exactly the same screen as the Galaxy S3, which is two generations old.

On the plus side, the Galaxy Alpha apparently is clad in metal casing with a silvery band wrapping around the edges. It’s a nice change from plastic shells favored by the vast majority of manufacturers. This particular unit that was caught on camera features black back panel, though Samsung might offer other color options as well. The panel is slightly textured which should give a firmer grip on the device and prevent it from slipping out of hand. Practical reasons aside, the faux leather back has another huge advantage – it gives the phone a premium appearance.

The metallic construction certainly will be one of Alpha’s strongest points, but unfortunately it may hinder wider release. According to some reports, the cases for the Galaxy Alpha might be coming from Chinese manufacturers. If this happens, though, Samsung will be able to ship no more than 1 million units per month, since Chinese manufacturers are unable to produce more cases. For this reason, the Galaxy Alpha might be a limited edition device. Consequently, it might not be available globally. Of course, it’s just a speculation, since so far Samsung neither confirmed nor denied any details regarding the Alpha.

Spec-wise, the Alpha should fit somewhere in between the Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy S5. The phone allegedly will be powered by Exynos ModAP processor which is said to deliver equal speed as the Snapdragon 805 chip and is said to come with LTE-A support. Internal storage is set at rather generous 32 GB but there is no microSD slot for memory expansion. Other rumored features include fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor.

The Galaxy Alpha is expected to debut in August, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung waited for IFA to make the announcement. Either way, it’s not going to be a long wait.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

source: SamMobile | Tinhte

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